Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Codex Entries Tease New Story Details

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The fourth mainline Dragon Age game is on the horizon and has been for a while, but this summer dropped one of the fantasy RPG’s biggest updates in years with the reveal of the official title ‘Dreadwolf.’ Teasing a substantial turn for the series’ love-hateable elf companion Solas, little else has slipped regarding the direction of the upcoming story – that is, until now. BioWare has teased new details about what to expect when Dragon Age: Dreadwolf eventually drops.

All were included in the latest entry to the BioWare Blog, which functioned as a development update for the long-awaited Dreadwolf. In addition to offering a bit of insight into the jobs of BioWare developers, three codex entries teased new story details in the text, though are stated as “not representative” of what players might see in the final game. “We’ve been quietly building it behind the scenes for a while now,” the blog post read, “so we wanted to give you a look at some stuff we’ve been working on!”

​As seen in the images above, the most intriguing entry is undoubtedly the first, highlighting the “misconceptions about the Necropolis” from the diary of a redacted source. Interestingly, the text references Brother Genitivi and the nation of Nevarra, as well as a third name, which also happens to be redacted. Looking at the other Codexes definitely isn’t as spicy, comprising the high dragon Vinsomer and new tales of The Randy Dowager Quarterly, familiar entries to those who’ve played Dragon Age Inquisition.

On the surface, it looks like these Codex entries might not give all that much away. However, given the frequency of scribbles present, it’s likely these details are a bit more spoiler-y than one might think. Of course, we won’t know for sure until BioWare is ready to release more story information, which might be a while considering how much development is feasibly remaining. What that in mind, I’m sure fans will find a way to connect the dots in the meantime.

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