Marvel’s Senior V.P. Says Expect Some Amazing VR Games in the Future

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As if Marvel fans needed even more upcoming video games to be excited about, now it has been confirmed there will be future VR titles that are already in the works. Marvel’s Senior V.P. of games and innovation Jay Ong, spoke in a recent interview about the possibility of virtual reality titles and he said that players should “absolutely expect some announcements in VR” and that Marvel Games is very excited about what’s to come in that department.

He also says, “I think our fans are going to go crazy. The things we’re doing there are absolutely amazing.” The only thing better than escaping into the Marvel world in your mind, is to experience what it’s actually like in a virtual reality setting. Ong then goes on about the team’s ambition and his hopes for the future of Marvel and VR games:

“We see VR in the same way we see the other platforms in terms of, if you want to do something, you need to do something truly amazing. One of the things about our team, and we talked about our team ethos earlier, is that we have almost irrational ambition. It’s true. When I first started at Marvel, going back to 2014, the things we were dreaming about back then were almost crazy. We wanted to do these amazing console games, we wanted to do these amazing chart topping mobile games; it was irrational and crazy, but we dreamed and it actually worked because the IP is really strong. And we got lucky with a few things happening the right way at the right time. In VR, we have that same ambition. We think if we do something there, it shouldn’t be just for the novelty of it. It should be something that defines the platform, that defines the experience.”

 The news of future Marvel VR games is very exciting and we want to know what the fans think of it. Post your opinion in the comment section below and then swing on over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page to follow us for the hottest gaming news 24/7!

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