Dragon Age Sequel Loses Its Lead Producer

Dragon Age 4 Senior Producer Leaves BioWare for New Project

Hot off the news of Anthem’s lead producer Ben Irving leaving BioWare, it has been revealed that another key member of the BioWare team is heading for different pastures. It…

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Mass Effect Dungeons and Dragons

Mass Effect Invades Dungeons And Dragons With New Homebrew Adaptation

Have you ever been deep into a campaign of D&D with your friends when you thought things could be made so much better with space? Luckily, you are not alone…

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This Mass Effect Tali Cosplay Is The Best Thing Since Self-Calibrating Weapons

This Mass Effect Tali Cosplay Is The Best Thing Since Emergency Induction Ports

Us folks here at DFTG have always had a huge appreciation for cosplay, and as such it’s difficult for us not to share some of the favorites we come by…

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Aliens RPG Obsidian Mass Effect

Obsidian’s Canceled Aliens RPG Wanted To Be Like “Mass Effect, But More Terrifying”

There was once an Aliens RPG in development at Obsidian Entertainment, but the game was unfortunately cancelled some time ago. That said, we’ve recently learned more about the title, including…

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BioWare Held In-House, All-Hands Meeting To Discuss Critical Issues Following Mass Report

Regardless of one’s opinion on Anthem, the game continues to circulate the news after its release in February. Less than 3 months since launch, much of the ins and outs…

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The Witcher Mass Effect

The Witcher Mass Effect Crossover Fan Art Puts Geralt in Space

While neither The Witcher nor Mass Effect have new games in their respective series coming any time soon, as far as anyone is aware, both franchises have given fans enough…

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Mass Effect Cosplay Shows Off A Stunning Female Commander Shepard

Mass Effect Cosplay Shows Off A Stunning Female Commander Shepard

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not really a cosplay not, except when Final Fantasy is involved. That said, BioWare is still one of my favorite…

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Mass Effect Is Still "Very Much Alive," Says BioWare

Mass Effect Is Still “Very Much Alive,” Says BioWare

Ever since the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, the BioWare series as a whole has been in a bit of a deep sleep – a stasis, if you will. Say…

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Mass Effect Trilogy Sequel Possibly Hinted In New EA Trademark (VIDEO)

Even all these years later, one of BioWare‘s most beloved RPG series continues to be Mass Effect, the sci-fi exploration series filled to the brim with engaging story and wonderfully…

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Anthem Reveals Mass Effect N7 Javelin Armor

The Mass Effect series invades Anthem! Illustrator and art quality analyst, Mad Bee, recently shared a Mass Effect N7 armor skin for the Storm Javelin in the upcoming BioWare title,…

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