Mass Effect: Andromeda - Day One Patch

There Will be a Day One Patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda – Game File Size Disclosed

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in a few weeks. While that is exciting all on its own, we keep getting more and more details about the upcoming title in…

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Deciding Which Gender Commander Shepard is in Mass Effect Andromeda WILL Affect the Story

Commander Shepard – the hero in the original Mass Effect trilogy and a figure that has one of the strongest followings in gaming history. BioWare’s N7 badass made a lot…

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Ian Frazier

Frazier Says “Vast Majority” of Mass Effect: Andromeda Still Available After Completing Story

There can be many different styles in which gamers play RPGs. You can be a straight-shooting main story type all the way to an absolute competitionist. However, if you’re the…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Officially Goes Gold – New Weapons Training Video Dropped (VIDEO)

It seems that every day we are getting more and more info on the highly anticipated space RPG from BioWare: Mass Effect Andromeda. The latest in news today was the…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Specs

Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Specs Have Been Revealed – Everything You Need to Know

In regards to whether or not a game will run on your system, console players are lucky. The game should just run and that’s that. However, when it comes to…

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Biggest Mass Effect Title Yet

Andromeda Could Be the Biggest Mass Effect Title Yet – “Beginner Friendly”

If you’re anything like us at Don’t Feed the Gamers, you are certainly not sick of hearing about Mass Effect: Andromeda yet. With only a month to go until its release,…

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Brand New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Video Drops – A Detailed Look at the Characters’ Combat (VIDEO)

Last week, BioWare shared the first in their gameplay series videos to showcase certain elements of the upcoming title: Mass Effect Andromeda. This space-set action-RPG has a lot of hype…

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Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack

New Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack Sure to Satisfy Your Alien Boning Needs

The team at Cards Against Humanity(CAH) are known for their love of all things taboo. They are also about to be know for their affection of the art of alien…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Inside Look at Weapons/Combat Gameplay – Watch Here (VIDEO)

The team over at BioWare knows how to get our Pathfinder blood pumping and they did just that today with a brand new video showcasing weapons, combat, movement, and more…

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Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani Featured in “Space Frog” Role for Mass Effect: Andromeda (VIDEO)

Comedian and actor, Kumail Nanjiani, will be featured in a role for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. In the new BioWare Base video, he finds out just how important it…

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