Mass Effect fans

Mass Effect Fans Are Making N7 Outfits In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With so many people in the world taking shelter in their homes the past few weeks, many have found escapism through the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game…

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BioWare Job Listing

BioWare Job Listing Hints At New Game From A “Most Prestigious” Franchise

With a new video game console generation on the horizon, gamers everywhere are hoping for the return of their favorite game franchises on the new hardware. One such franchise that…

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Mass Effect Fan Art Reimagines The Title As An Isometric RPG

Mass Effect Fan Art Reimagines The Title As An Isometric RPG

While the franchise is in something of a hiatus for now, Mass Effect fans have done an excellent job of keeping excitement for the franchise alive. While BioWare has hinted…

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Minecraft Mass Effect

Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack Now Available On All Platforms (VIDEO)

Massively popular sandbox title Minecraft has been released across every conceivable platform as of late, with even Sony getting in on the party with the debut of Bedrock Edition for…

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Most Mass Effect Players Chose Paragon Playthroughs, Says Dev

Mass Effect Player Majority Chose Paragon Playthroughs, Says Dev

Despite it being on a temporary hiatus following a rather lackluster fourth act, BioWare’s Mass Effect series continues to represent a golden standard that other RPG developers continue to look…

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Outriders interview

Outriders Studio Offers Insight Into Possible Romance Options

The future still looks to be bright for video games and gamers have numerous big titles to look forward to in the next year. One big title that has many…

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Mass Effect

Mass Effect Writer Drew Karpyshyn Explains His Departure From BioWare

BioWare has seen a lot of changes over recent years, with a handful of top developers leaving the company. That said, Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn left the studio back…

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Billie Eilish’s Mom Is Samara from Mass Effect 2 & 3 – Mind Blown

Billie Eilish’s Mom Is Samara From Mass Effect 2 & 3 – Mind Blown

The Mass Effect series is well-known for being quite the engrossing experience with hundreds of hours of story, gameplay, and characters to interact with across four mainline titles. Among the…

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Unofficial Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Now Available Thanks To Modders

Unofficial Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Now Available Thanks To Modders (VIDEO)

Alongside the fantasy likes of Dragon Age, the Mass Effect trilogy is arguably the most popular BioWare has released, the fandom even having a dedicated day to express their love…

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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Possibly Teased By BioWare

The current generation of video game consoles has brought many wonderful new games into people’s homes, but many have also found great enjoyment by re-experiencing many beloved pre-existing titles. Given…

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