Mass Effect Urdnot Wrex Limited Edition Statue Available Now For Pre-Order (GALLERY)

Urdnot Wrex is more than just a Krogan, he’s the ultimate battle buddy. From the Mass Effect trilogy series, Gaming Heads announces a limited edition Urdnot Wrex statue to stand…

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Throwback Thursday: Mass Effect – Reflecting On An Epic Franchise (VIDEO)

On November 20, 2007, Mass Effect was released for the Xbox 360. Presenting the premise of a cinematic space epic, the sprawling action RPG put players on a galaxy-saving quest…

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December Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Adds 7 New Titles Including Mass Effect, Darksiders, Gears Of War 4, And More

Seven new titles for the Xbox Game Pass have been announced, and there are plenty of great options available to help get you through the chill of the month. The…

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Mass Effect Cereal Ad – "Enkindle Your Taste Buds" (VIDEO)

BioWare Releases Hilarious Mass Effect Cereal Ad – “Enkindle Your Taste Buds” (VIDEO)

It wasn’t long ago when BioWare celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Mass Effect, looking back on the original game’s release back in 2007. While the affair was an emotional one…

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Bioware Animator Reveals 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mass Effect

Just this month, we celebrated the fantastic world of Mass Effect with BioWare to commemorate 10 wonderful years of a stunning franchise. Just because it is no longer November 7th…

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Anthem’s Future: EA Wants To Make BioWare’s New IP An Entire Franchise

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding BioWare’s upcoming open-world title Anthem. Whereas many Mass Effect hopefuls resent the future IP for Andromeda’s apparent abandonment, others are excited to see what…

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Nike Inadvertently Makes The Best Mass Effect Shoe Line Ever With N7 Showcase

Recently, Mass Effect celebrated its ten year anniversary with this year’s instance of N7 Day, or November 7th. BioWare recognized this special occasion by looking back at the past decade…

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N7 Day 2017 With Touching 10-Year Retrospective (VIDEO)

Mass Effect Celebrates N7 Day 2017 With New Video – “It’s Like Coming Home” (VIDEO)

After building up the event over the last few days, Mass Effect‘s annual N7 Day 2017 is finally upon us. Referencing the games’ elite military group as well as the…

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N7 Day 2017

BioWare Reflects On Ten Years Of Mass Effect Ahead Of N7 Day 2017

“This year marks 10 years since the release of Mass Effect,” states BioWare in a new letter to fans and players around the world. The month of November is upon us,…

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BioWare Lead Animator

BioWare Lead Animator Leaves After Working On Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age, And More

BioWare has been high among the topics to talk about in the gaming world this year. With the less-than-stellar response to Mass Effect Andromeda, the reveal of upcoming shared-world action-RPG…

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