bayonetta 3 mass effect femshep

Bayonetta 3 Casts Mass Effect’s FemShep As Bayonetta

The Nintendo Switch has continued to find success thanks in no small part to its high-quality first-party content. Nintendo has also had a part in backing exclusive games for their…

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Mass Effect Reaper

Mass Effect Reaper Sovereign Replica Revealed By Dark Horse

The medium of video games is full of franchises that appeal to passionate fanbases, with one of the most passionate being highly devoted to the Mass Effect franchise. The original…

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Mass Effect Advance Wars

Mass Effect Advance Wars Mashup Reimagines Virmire On GBA (VIDEO)

As more and more video game franchises become cult hits with fandoms, the creativity of those fandoms continues to thrive and evolve. Ironically, one such evolution of those fandoms is…

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Mass Effect Casey Hudson Humanoid Studios

Former Mass Effect Director Working On ‘New Sci-Fi Universe’

After departing Mass Effect developer BioWare on the heels of a historic tenure, Casey Hudson further surprised the industry by opening an all-new studio dubbed Humanoid Studios. In the several…

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BioWare Mass Effect n7

BioWare Aims To ‘Rebuild Its Reputation’ With Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect 5

BioWare’s remastered Mass Effect trilogy made for some legendary success last year and the developer has positioned itself for a long-awaited return to prominence with new Dragon Age and Mass…

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Mass Effect Parody RPG Minimal Affect

Mass Effect Parody RPG Minimal Affect “Still In Development,” Says Dev

As the past year produced an appropriately legendary remaster of BioWare’s cosmic crewmate-consorting Mass Effect trilogy, the future of the series appears brighter than it’s been in years. Not only…

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Henry Cavill Mass Effect

Henry Cavill Wants In On Reported Mass Effect TV Series

The film and television industries have had no shortage of adaptations of beloved video game franchises lately. These projects have been especially present on streaming platforms, with Netflix seeing success for…

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Mass Effect TV Series

Mass Effect TV Series Makes Former BioWare Writer ‘Cringe A Little’

As more and more video game franchises achieve enough popularity to envelop film and television, series’ like Fallout and Halo are continually being greenlit for big-budget live-action adaptations on streaming…

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Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

As streaming services continue their conquests to control what is the hottest slice of the media landscape, the biggest companies are looking to popular video game franchises to boost their…

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Mass Effect Pinnacle Station

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod Restores Missing Legendary DLC

The galaxy-spanning exploits of the Reaper-punching, planet-probing, and alien-bedding Commander Shepard were finally brought to modern platforms in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, the all-encompassing remaster was unfortunately cut short…

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