New Overwatch Hero Revealed, Meet the Combat Medic: Baptiste (VIDEO)

A new hero has been revealed and though we had a pretty good idea of who it would be from an earlier decoding previously this week, the full lore reveal is even better than we could have imagined! Meet the ex-Talon combat medic Baptiste and his incredibly riveting backstory of tragedy and survival:

Captioned, “Mobilize alongside the combat medic who made the shrewd decision to make the world a better place, one bandage… or bullet at a time: Baptiste,” this combat medic looks like much more than a simple healer – you might even say he’s a bit of a “Harmacist” like Moira. A badass, but a helpful badass in a cinch.

As for who the new character is — Jean-Baptiste Augustin hails from Haiti and is a combat medic by trade. He survived the Omnic Crisis, though was left an orphan, and ended up joining a militaristic group called the Caribbean Coalition as a means of survival.

He quickly found that he loved helping people, though there were aspects of his new life that he struggled with. When the baddies over at Talon took a special interest in him, he joined their group alongside the likes of Reaper and Doomfist until that too became too much and he realised that’s not what he wanted out of life.

He left, but Talon doesn’t take desertion lightly.

The video above is absolutely incredible! Though Blizzard didn’t give us an exact date, it’s likely that he will appear in PTR soon, and then the main game’s servers shortly after.

Thoughts on the latest hero to be revealed? Sound off with what you think in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers!

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