Multiple Sources Point to Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017 Release

Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017

One of the most successful and beloved crossover franchises in gaming is the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, and fans have been hoping for the series to be brought back for the current console generation. These fans might get their wish, as Polygon has reported that several of their sources seem to indicate that we will be seeing a Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017 release date. In addition to this news, we could also likely see the game revealed at the upcoming Sony PlayStation Experience event, possibly alongside the scheduled 2016 Capcom Cup Street Fighter V tournament.

Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017

Aside from these important aspects of the game’s unveiling and release, it should be noted that this would be the first Marvel Vs Capcom game to be released after the expiration of Capcom’s Marvel video game license deal preceding the Disney acquisition of Marvel. The previous game, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, began development before the deal was finalized and released very early in Marvel’s new life under the mouse’s umbrella. This did affect the game with its online releases, as Capcom ultimately had to pull the game, including its DLC services, from all digital console and PC stores.

Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017

Where the Disney ownership of Marvel would likely affect this new game would be in its Marvel character roster. Given Disney’s previous history with Marvel merchandising of characters not in Disney-owned film productions (i.e. Sony’s Amazing Spider-man and Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four films), we would likely see a reduced presence, or maybe even a complete absence, of these characters. I couldn’t imagine them not including popular MvC X-Men mainstays, such as Wolverine and Magneto, but lesser known characters like X-23 will likely get the boot. This will also likely mean more Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, so if this includes Groot, I can’t really complain. What do you guys think? Are you hoping to see a Marvel Vs Capcom 4 2017 release date reveal? What characters would you like to see added to the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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