Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

As streaming services continue their conquests to control what is the hottest slice of the media landscape, the biggest companies are looking to popular video game franchises to boost their original slate of productions. Netflix recently has found much success by adapting League of Legends to an animated series, and HBO is hard at work on a live-action version of The Last Of Us as well. The Mass Effect video game series has seen a return to popularity this past year with the release of the Mass Effect remastered original trilogy and the announcement of a new game. Now, it appears that Amazon is betting big on a new Mass Effect television series.

Deadline has reported on Amazon and their original productions primarily made for their streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. The piece primarily focuses on the genre productions made by the company, such as their upcoming Lord of the Rings series and their recent The Wheel of Time live-action adaptation. The series based on the hit fantasy novels has proven to have been a decent hit with audiences, showing that investing in adaptations of pre-existing genre fiction franchises are safer bets for big-budget projects. As such, it appears that Amazon will double down on this strategy with a new Mass Effect television series.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Amazon has already greenlit a live-action adaptation of the Fallout games, which is still seemingly in the works. Little has been revealed about the potential Mass Effect television series, other than it likely beginning by adapting the story from the first Mass Effect game. No talent has been officially confirmed yet either, though Henry Cavill has hinted at his possible participation with the project in the recent past. Hopefully, though, the series begins production soon so Mass Effect fans can finally have a live-action Garrus to fantasize about in their dreams.

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