Seth Rogen Donkey Kong Movie Rumored To Be In The Works

Seth Rogen Donkey Kong

A quick glance at the television and film industry’s near future shows a big trend of adapting classic video game franchises for the big and small screens. The most recent gaming-related film project that had internet commenters obsessed has been the 3D animated Super Mario Bros. movie coming late in 2022. A recent Nintendo Direct announced the film’s voice cast, including Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong. Now, sources close to the project have suggested that a Seth Rogen Donkey Kong spinoff animated film may also be in the works.

Seth Rogen Donkey Kong

Giant Freaking Robot recently shared information given to them by anonymous sources close to the Super Mario animated film project. The website has had several trusted sources in the past share leaked information that ended up being confirmed as true. This particular source claims to be in the know at or with Illumination, the studio behind the announced Super Mario animated film and the supposed spinoff animated Seth Rogen Donkey Kong film. If true, Rogen would be reprising his role after being first introduced in the Super Mario film as the ape, though it is not yet confirmed if any of the other voice actors will be in the spinoff project.

Seth Rogen Donkey Kong

If the film focuses more on Kong’s family and jungle world, as seen in Donkey Kong games like Donkey Kong Country on SNES, then Fred Armisen could reasonably be expected to reprise his Super Mario movie role of Cranky Kong for the Seth Rogen Donkey Kong film. This would also likely lead to the inclusion of other Kong characters, such as Diddy Kong and Candy Kong. The Super Mario animated film is set to release in December of 2022, so this spinoff might not release until late 2023 at the very earliest. If this project ends up being confirmed as true, then it might just be the confirmation of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe that fans have been clamoring for. Let’s just hope Samuel Jackson may be on hand as Master Hand to invite Donkey Kong into the Smash Bros. Initiative.

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