Fallout power armor

Fallout TV Series Power Armor, Vault Suits Revealed

The television and film industries seem to be in what could be considered a golden age of video game adaptations. This is especially prevalent in the world of streaming services,…

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God of War TV Series

God of War TV Series For Amazon Starts Talks With Sony

The film and television industries have shown in recent years that video games are the next major frontier full of franchises to mine for adaptations. The one video game company…

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Amazon Prime smile

Amazon Prime Price Increase Coming Later This Month

Amazon Prime may bundle an absurd number of services under its belt, but it looks like members will soon start to pay a little bit more by the end of…

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Critical Role Animated Series

Critical Role Animated Series Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

As tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence in recent years, its effects can be seen all throughout pop culture. Perhaps the most visible instance of this recent phenomena has been…

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Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

Mass Effect Television Series Reportedly In The Works At Amazon

As streaming services continue their conquests to control what is the hottest slice of the media landscape, the biggest companies are looking to popular video game franchises to boost their…

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