Mass Effect Legendary Edition Performance Details Revealed

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

As the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition draws near, players are set to relive the epic saga of Commander Shepard with a significant layer of visual and performance polish added to the acclaimed BioWare trilogy. With such focus brought to elevating the original experience in significant ways, one might wonder how the game may ultimately perform once finally released on consoles and PC. To that end, publisher Electronic Arts recently laid out the expected performance of each platform at launch.

As detailed on the official EA website, the game’s intended output resolution and framerate targets for PC, and PlayStation, and Xbox consoles are given a complete rundown. According to the stats, PC has the obvious advantage with support for up to 240 FPS and 240 Hz refresh rates along with a myriad of available graphics options. Consoles are admittedly more limited offering two toggleable gameplay modes across all platforms, with “Favor Quality” mode prioritizing visual quality and “Favor Framerate” pushing smooth framerates to the forefront.

A full breakdown of resolution and framerate targets for each version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be viewed below:

  • PlayStation 4
    • FQ: Up to 30fps @ 1080p
    • FF: Up to 60fps @ 1080p
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
    • FQ: Up to 30fps @ 4K UHD
    • FF: Up to 60fps @ 1440p
  • PlayStation 5
    • FQ: Up to 60fps @ 4k UHD
    • FF: Up to 60fps @ 1440p
  • Xbox One
    • FQ: Up to 30fps @ 1080p
    • FF: Up to 60fps @ 1080p
  • Xbox One X / Xbox Series S
    • FQ: Up to 30fps @ 4K UHD
    • FF: Up to 60fps @ 1440p
  • Xbox Series X
    • FQ: Up to 60fps @ 4K UHD
    • FF: Up to 120fps @ 1440p

With all these available ways to play, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is shaping up to be the most definitive version of the game yet. While the experience won’t assemble 100% of the trilogy’s content, the vast majority of the base single-player RPG will be available with stunning visual overhauls, modern performance improvements, and, in some cases, overdue updates to a handful of awkward scenarios. That’s not without mentioning new features like a photo mode and some additional music tracks that didn’t make it in the original release.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases May 14th for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, ​​as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility.

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