Mass Effect Legendary Edition Dev Reveals Why No Story Changes Were Made

Mass Effect Legend Edition Dev Reveals Why No Story Changes Were Made

While Mass Effect Legendary Edition aims to deliver the definitive edition of each game in the trilogy, there are of course some aspects of each title that BioWare has tweaked and changed. From new music to a distinct lack of Miranda ass shots, these changes are arguably for the better. In a similar vein, many fans of the original have been clamoring for story changes, though BioWare has explained why the studio as a whole chose not to alter the story in any of the games save for the decision to confirm the Extended Cut ending as canon.

Speaking to Game Informer, Mass Effect Legendary Edition character/environment director Kevin Meek discussed how the team went about determining what they should and should not change for the project. “One thing that really helped focus us was looking at the way fans talked about Shepard, they call it ‘my Shepard’ and they’re very possessive about their Shepard in a really good, strong way,” Meek explained. “That doesn’t just mean the character, that means every Shepard story, their Shepard’s narrative, it’s all the choices they made along the way. So very early on, we realized that if the choices, the narrative, the plot points are what everyone loves and holds on to, then changing that is off the table.”

We’re not going to change any of those things, we’re not going to change the story, we’re not going to change the characters, and that’s what really sort of pushed us more in terms of a proper remaster.”

Offering fans a Mass Effect Legendary Edition that leaves all those choices intact is perhaps the best way to honor both the trilogy and its legion of fans, so it seems like BioWare’s decision not to mess around with the story is a solid one.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on May 14th for PC through Steam and Origin, PS4, and Xbox One. The title will be forward-compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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