Mass Effect Legendary Edition Panel Featuring Voice Actors Will Celebrate Launch

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Panel

Mass Effect fans are gearing up for the long awaited remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, which comes next week in the form of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Footage released so far shows drastically improved graphics and animations for the trilogy’s beloved, vibrant characters when compared to the original versions of the games. These characters would be nothing without the brilliant performances of their voice actors, and thankfully these original cast members are reuniting to help hype up the Legendary Edition trilogy. A new Mass Effect Legendary Edition panel featuring voice actors and devs has been announced for next week.

As reported by Game Informer, a special Mass Effect Legendary Edition panel will be held next weekend to celebrate the release of the new collection. The panel was announced by FemShep voice actor Jennifer Hale on her official Twitter account, with her tweet later being shared by Mark Meer, the voice actor of the male Commander Shepard. A reunion with Hale, Meer and a variety of other well known Mass Effect voice actors and developers will be held virtually at noon on May 15th this month, just one day after the Legendary Edition is released.

Legendary Edition panel

Aside from the two Commander Shepard voice actors, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition panel reunion will also feature voice actors including Dr. Liara’ voice actor Ali Hillis, Jack and Kalara Tomi voice actor Courtenay Taylor, Legion voice actor DC Douglas and Warden Kuril voice actor Fred Tatasciore. After the reunion, there will also be a special event where fans can obtain autographs from these fan-favorite voice actors. This will be the perfect viewing event to provide players a break from their weekend-long marathon of reliving the Mass Effect Trilogy in its newly remastered form. Unlike the many major moral decisions the player makes in the trilogy, this one’s a no-brainer.

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