Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice Actors Imply The Return Of Two Villainous Characters

Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice Actors

Anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3 continues to rise among the franchise’s fans, especially with the promise of more looks at the game to be revealed at E3 this year. The new game has promised several new gameplay features and new locations based on Disney worlds such as Monsters Inc. However, with all of these new additions, fans have been wondering if older elements from the previous games will return. Namely, this includes the original members of Organization XIII, the villainous group introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Now, two voice actors have given subtle hints that their Organization XIII characters will return.

James Patrick Stuart, the voice actor for Organization XIII member Xigbar, recently responded to the inquiry of a fan on his official Twitter account regarding his potential reappearance. When asked if he has been doing any voice over work for Kingdom Hearts 3 lately, Stuart states, “Can’t say I have. Can’t say I haven’t.” Considering that Stuart chose to acknowledge this question at all, one could reasonably be led to believe that he might be implying the eye-patched sniper’s return without breaching any sort of non-disclosure agreement.

Fans also noticed a tweet from the voice actor of Organization XIII member Luxord, Robin Atkin Downes, from February in which he mentions working on three big projects. One of which could certainly be his reprisal of the role of Travis Touchdown in the upcoming Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and another could be the reappearance of the game of chance-loving Luxord. It is possible that neither of these characters might return in their human or Nobody forms in Kingdom Hearts 3, it very likely will give hope to fans of these two characters that they will see them face off against Sora and friends once more.

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