Who’s Next For Injustice 2? Ed Boon Teases “Surprise” Fighter Pack 3 Character

Fighter Pack 3 Character

Injustice 2 has been adding a number of new characters to their already packed roster as of late with the Fighter Pack 2 DLC, the last of which will see Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy enter the superhero fight. Recently, the size-manipulating Atom was revealed as the first addition of Fighter Pack 3 and the two remaining spots remain a relative mystery. NetherRealm Studios head Ed Boon has teased fans once again telling IGN Brazil that one particular Fighter Pack 3 character will “surprise everyone.”

This update will have a new character that will surprise everyone. No one is expecting their style of play. I’ve never talked about it, it’s the first time I’ve said it.”

Boon is no stranger to teasing and occasional trolling, but it’s not far from the (Nether)realm of possibility to see an outside-the-box character added to Injustice 2. In the past, fighters such as God of War‘s Kratos, Texas Chainsaw‘s Leatherface, and the Alien franchise’s Xenomorph have made their way into NetherRealm-developed titles. For this reason, Boon’s excitement over an upcoming Fighter Pack 3 character has the internet really digging deep into speculation.

Fighter Pack 3 Character

Keeping in line with game’s comic book inspiration, Image Comics’ Spawn is a likely contender as the character’s dark origins and stylish weaponry could make for an interesting play style. It’s worth noting that Spawn previously appeared in the Xbox version of Soulcalibur II, so implementing the antihero into another fighting title wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Characters from the popular Watchmen comics have been teased as part of the game in the past, but nothing has been heard about them since. Also mentioned, albeit in a more joking manner, was Keanu Reeves’ character of Neo from the Matrix trilogy who could also be a good match for DC’s gods among us. Other names that have been thrown around include DC’s Constantine, the Terminator, and Ash from the Evil Dead series, all of whom would make excellent additions to Injustice 2‘s roster. Perhaps it’ll be someone else entirely that’ll blow us away when the Fighter Pack 3 character is eventually revealed.

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