God of War’s Revenant is the Stuff of Nightmares in New Concept Art Trailer (VIDEO)

war's revenant

Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment released a short video recently detailing horrifying concept art. The focus was God of War’s Revenant in a book titled “Lost Pages of Norse Myth”. The video below details the concept art that created this Draugr of undead horror for your viewing pleasure.

The showcase leafs through the book of lost pages, revealing God of War’s Revenant to be a monstrous witch looking creature “twisted by zealous devotion to Seidr”. With stringy matted hair, a primitive and evil looking spiky robe, Seidr magic staff, and haunting hollow eyes. In the final moments, the pages burn away to reveal the creature as it would appear in the game.

God of War‘s Revenant isn’t the only concept art to be released, and the company is likely to continue the trend as we inch closer to release. Additionally, it was recently revealed that the “Realm of Mysteries” has been confirmed as Midgard. Santa Monica Studio and Sony have been focusing mostly on revealing the monsters and stages players will encounter, peppering it all with occasional looks at Kratos and son Atreus enduring the wild elements as they explore the world and battle these creatures.

war's revenant

God of War’s Revenant has become one of many looks behind the scenes of the next game in the franchise. With the game coming out early next year, we’re bound to have a few more surprises before the launch of the game. With any luck, all of this concept art will find its way to a book fans can own and enjoy for years to come.

How will the addition of Norse Mythology help enhance and even change the story and gameplay for God of War? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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