Horizon Forbidden West PS5 File Size Reportedly Revealed

Horizon Forbidden West

As one year closes and leads into another for video games, Sony has a promising lineup of exclusive titles for the PlayStation 5 on its schedule. The next big project coming to the latest Sony console is Horizon Forbidden West. After the success of Horizon Zero Dawn, this sequel promises a brave new world for players to explore through the eyes of Aloy and a variety of new mechanical beasts for her to fight and encounter. Now, the Horizon Forbidden West file size for the US and European versions of the game have been leaked ahead of its launch.

? Horizon Forbidden West US Region (PS5)

▶️ Download Size : 85.913 GB (66-86 GB) (Without Day One Patch)

? #PS5 #HorizonForbiddenWest https://t.co/qcdbzilesj pic.twitter.com/uZvBDP0PMP

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) December 22, 2021

Twitter account PlayStation Game Size has shared the leaked Horizon Forbidden West file size in a series of new tweets. According to the page, The US region of the game will have a download size of 85.913 GB on PlayStation 5. Though, it’s warned that this figure is without taking into account the data required for the game’s day-one patch. To that effect, it’s possible that the file size may shift down between 10 and 20 GB by the time of launch.

Horizon Forbidden West

In addition, the page also disclosed the Horizon Forbidden West file size for versions being released outside the US, such as the EU. This version is said to be 96.35 GB, again, without taking the day-one patch into account. This data increase between the US and foreign versions of the game is largely attributed to additional requirements, such as the greater variety of languages needed for inclusion, whereas the US predominantly uses English.

Even as this account has shared correct leaked data size information in the past, Sony has not officially announced the file size for the game yet, so take this information with some skepticism. If this is true, it does look like the game’s file size, while still large, is not as massive as some games like Call of Duty. Hopefully, though, it isn’t much bigger than this report claims. It’s already hard enough to find a PS5 in this real Forbidden West we live in.

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