Horizon Forbidden West Preview

Horizon Forbidden West Preview Showcases Stunning New Locations (VIDEO)

The launch of the PlayStation 5 has fared quite well, with the new device having one of the best selling launches of any video game console in the US. Many…

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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch Addresses Numerous Outstanding Issues

As PC gaming becomes more popular and cross-platform compatibility continues to be more and more popular, games that would have previously been thought to remain console exclusives are more frequently…

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Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Series SDCC Cover

Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Series SDCC-Exclusive Cover Revealed

With major entertainment events cancelling this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many nerd-favorite conventions have taken to the Internet to provide safe, digital experiences in place of traditional physical…

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Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Planned For PS5, Part Of Trilogy, Says Sources

With two new video game console releases (hopefully) happening later this year, game developers are looking to the next generation of devices for their new creative endeavors. The Xbox Series…

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