Heroes of the Storm Designer Needs YOUR Help with Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain, a prominent character in the Diablo series, is in the process of implementation, but Heroes of the Storm character designer needs the help of the gaming community. Nathan LaMusga invites everyone to pitch in ideas to hash out the design. I imagine it would be difficult to design a character whose main purpose was to convince the hero to fight as humanity’s last hope and acted as a storyteller. He was also a devout scholar. Cain may be comparable to a conspiracy theorist, except his conspiracy theories turn out to be true and the world is under siege again.

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LaMusga mentions in an interview:

If you’re a community member reading this right now: Send me your Deckard Cain pitches. Make a Deckard Cain. I’d love to see our community’s pitches on that one.

Based on Reddit forums for Diablo that LaMusga frequents, he is rather impressed by the wonderful ideas for heroes. He believes the community would do a fantastic job at helping him create Deckard Cain’s abilities and overall design for Heroes of the Storm.

[Deckard Cain] is one of the hardest heroes to think of design. When you really sit down and think about it, he’s a guy who loves to read books. What is he doing? Not to say it’s not possible, but it is one of the harder ones. Maybe he plays Hearthstone or something like that.

Given how difficult it has been to determine a design for Cain, it is no wonder why they insist on continuing with this project. LaMusga says there are a lot of factors, but it is primarily the need for a support role. Some of the other Blizzard universes do not offer a good starting point, according to LaMusga, even though there are some characters to pull from the World of Warcraft. However, in Heroes of the Storm, there are a total of 30 Warcraft characters. Meanwhile, there are only 13 for Diablo, 13 for StarCraft, and 2 for Overwatch. LaMusga seeks “balance” between the Blizzard franchises for the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).

What do you think of the Deckard Cain project? Will you be contributing to the conversation and design discussion? It may be a worthwhile challenge! Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to stay tuned with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all your gaming news!

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