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Original Diablo 2 Save Files Will Carry Over To The Remaster

Remember the days of old when Diablo 2 had just released? That was more than 20 years ago. Yeah, let’s not dwell on that. Thankfully, Blizzard and company are giving…

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Diablo 2 artwork

Diablo 2 Remake Reportedly Happening With Vicarious Visions

One of the most notable titles of Blizzard’s old guard, Diablo 2 continues to be a favorite for fans of the dungeon-crawler genre, with that favor maintaining even in the…

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Diablo 2 'Resurrected' Remaster Reportedly Arriving Later This Year

Diablo 2 ‘Resurrected’ Remaster Reportedly Arriving Later This Year

It looks like Diablo IV isn’t the only thing up Blizzard’s sleeves in regards to the long-running franchise. A new report is now suggesting that a Diablo 2 ‘Resurrected’ remaster…

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Throwback Thursday: The Demon Cows Of Diablo 2 (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: The Demon Cows Of Diablo 2 (VIDEO)

Most anyone who’s played Diablo 2 often finds themselves overwhelmed with swarms of enemies, especially if dungeon-crawling one of the game’s harder difficulties. Of the many magic-casting, dead-raising, and hell-spawning…

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Diablo 2 Producer Says Blizzard Doesn’t Understand Its Audience

With BlizzCon now thoroughly concluded, gamers now have the opportunity to reflect on the array of announcements that took place during the event. We learned about Destiny 2’s limited freebie status,…

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Looks Like Diablo 2 Isn’t the Only Possible Blizzard Remaster – Warcraft 3 on the Table

We have previously reported that a few new job listings pointed towards Blizzard gearing up for a Diablo 2 remaster but looks like that won’t be the only title possibly…

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Diablo 2 remaster

Blizzard Job Listing Hints at Possible Diablo 2 Remaster

The Diablo franchise is arguably Blizzard’s most beloved series, so it comes to no surprise that a Diablo 2 remaster may be in the works, according to a rather suggestive…

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Heroes of the Storm Designer Needs YOUR Help with Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain, a prominent character in the Diablo series, is in the process of implementation, but Heroes of the Storm character designer needs the help of the gaming community. Nathan…

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