Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Expansion Announced With Cinematic Trailer (VIDEO)

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Expansion Announced With Cinematic Trailer (VIDEO)

BlizzCon 2019 is finally here, and despite some recent controversies, Blizzard has still managed to excite their fans with many big new announcements. The event has given fans a preview of the future for classic Blizzard franchises like Diablo and Overwatch, but many had wondered if Hearthstone might also receive any attention at BlizzCon, given the recent backlash against Blizzard’s banning of Hearthstone champion Blitzchung. Well, it appears that Blizzard still managed to maintain hype for Hearthstone by announcing the new Hearthstone Descent of Dragons expansion with a new cinematic trailer.

The new Hearthstone Descent of Dragons cinematic trailer, seen above from the official Hearthstone YouTube channel, made its debut earlier today at BlizzCon. Descent of Dragons comes just in time to close out 2019, and thusly the Year of the Dragon storyline that has taken over most of Hearthstone this year through two previous expansions. The new expansion adds an additional 135 cards to the game, with the big highlight being the new Galakrond hero cards. Galakrond has his own hero power and battle cry, and his cards can replace any class.

Descent of Dragons takes place in the realm of Dragonblight, where the skeletal Galakrond rules. The expansion also introduces the new keyword Invoke, which will strength Galakrond’s cards. Hearthstone Descent of Dragons is available for pre-order now for $50, and will be ready to launch on December 10th. This has been already quite a big day of announcements for Blizzard so far, and the weekend is only getting started. Let’s hope they Invoke some more big announcements tomorrow too.

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