GTA V Liberty City Mod Officially Shut Down – A Moment of Silence

GTA V Liberty City

It has been more than two years since Grand Theft Auto V first came to the PC market, and the modding community around the game has continued to create mods for the massive title. One of the biggest areas of contention between Rockstar Gamers, the developers of GTA V, and its audience has been their recent rulings against mods that they have deemed to be in conflict with their modding policy , such as the OpenIV mod. Now, it appears that Rockstar has caused the OpenIV team to end work on their GTA V Liberty City mod project that would have brought the city from GTA IV into the most current game in the franchise.

The OpenIV mod has announced on the GTA forums that their work on the Liberty City in GTA V mod project has now ceased due to the project’s apparent conflict with the Rockstar modding policy. While the OpenIV team thanked everyone who supported them in their fight for OpenIV and confirmed that they will continue work on that project within the confines of the Rockstar modding policy, they did express sadness over having to discontinue their Liberty City mod project, as it highly motivated them to make OpenIV functional at its highest potential.

While the OpenIV team did not explicitly say which specific rules from the Rockstar modding policy the Liberty City mod would have violated, it most likely would fall under the rules against importing other intellectual properties, both outside of and including Rockstar IPs. While it is understandable for Rockstar to make such a ruling that likely is meant to protect their legal properties, it still is a shame to see such a passion project that would have pleased a lot of GTA fans get wasted. What do you guys think about the cancellation of the GTA V Liberty City mod? Let us know in the comments below.

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