Deciding Which Gender Commander Shepard is in Mass Effect Andromeda WILL Affect the Story

Commander Shepard – the hero in the original Mass Effect trilogy and a figure that has one of the strongest followings in gaming history. BioWare’s N7 badass made a lot of monumental decisions in the franchise and it appears that they aren’t one hundred percent done yet. Sort of.

BioWare and EA provided an inside look itno the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda, the space RPG hitting the market March 21st, with a hands-on demo to pre-approved press. In this event, they confirmed that Shepard will have mention in the latest game, even minutely. During the storyline for Andromeda, there will be a time where players can select Shepard’s gender. This choice has been confirmed to affect the telling of Andromeda’s story, though we don’t know by how much exactly. The reveal, though exciting, did not come with a lot of extra details. We do know that this choice is in the beginning of the game, so have your Shepard’s at the ready!

There has been a plethora of news drops this month for BioWare’s latest RPG, from Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer joining the cast – to an inside look at the weapon systems and the confirmed squad mates. Anyone else stupidly excited for Jaal, or is that just me?

The game itself thrusts the player into the shoes of Ryder, whether it be Scott or Sarah is up to you, as they fight their way across intergalactic threats to secure a place for humanity to thrive. That famous N7 armor will make an appearance as well with their father, Alec Ryder. Become the pathfinder, the “future of our species rests on your shoulders”. A new adventure awaits! The latest installment, and new beginning for the franchise, will also possibly be the largest Mass Effect game yet, according to the developers.

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