“I See No Reason Why We Shouldn’t Come Back to Mass Effect” – EA Boss Patrick Soderlund Speaks Out

The road to Andromeda was rocky from the start with immediate criticism even before the game’s release for shortcomings seen in animation style and glitches. Though many loved the latest…

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Studio Confirms Andromeda’s Final Update – Fate of the Quarians to be Revealed and More

After months of “will they, won’t they,” the smaller studio at the helm of the latest Mass Effect adventure, Andromeda, took to social media in a message to their fans…

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Moving Forward – Mass Effect Andromeda Survey Looks for Fan-Suggested Improvements

Mass Effect Andromeda. The space action RPG that BioWare fans were excited to see after saying farewell to their Shepards past definitely met with more turbulence than Ryder faced landing…

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New Difficulty Mode Teased for Mass Effect Andromeda’s MP With the Help of the Batarians (VIDEO)

The will they, won’t they regarding additional content for Mass Effect Andromeda has been a whirlwind for the books. Despite one news source continuously pumping out ‘information’ stating that single-player…

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BioWare Addresses False Rumors of the Mass Effect Andromeda Story DLC Cancellation

We’ve been saying it time and time again that the term “hiatus” that was thrown around in response to one key article inspired a pre-mature panic that has definitely gotten…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.08 Notes – Extended Romance Options and Character Creation Improvements

[UPDATE] Patch is live as of 8 AM PT June 8th Original story as follows: After a series of patches that included improvements to animation and narrative delivery, BioWare just announced…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Coloring Book

Let Your Creativity Flourish With This Mass Effect: Andromeda Coloring Book

If you wanted to keep track of your multiplayer progress in Mass Effect: Andromeda, there’s an app for that. However, if it’s putting down some color on paper that happens…

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Andromeda Romance Aspects

BioWare Talks About Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance Aspects and the Decisions Behind Them

The release of the much anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda is here, and aside from issues that some fans are finding fault with enough to cause BioWare to suggest fixes will…

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BioWare Makes an Official Statement Regarding the Attack on Allie Rose-Marie Leost

The release of Mass Effect Andromeda is almost here and the team over at BioWare has definitely had their hands full with the outpouring of excitement with each trailer, and…

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A Little Positivity – What We Love About Mass Effect Andromeda (Spoiler Free – OPINION)

Earlier this week, we reported (objectively) the animation issues that seem to divide the gaming community in half once the review copies and early access hit for Mass Effect Andromeda….

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