PeeBee & Liam Joined by Two New Squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Liam and PeeBee are getting accompanied by two new squadmates on the Tempest for Mass Effect: Andromeda and their names are Cora and Drack. Previously disclosed, PeeBee is a female Asari unlike ones we are used to in the Mass Effect trilogy, especially in comparison to the beloved Liara T’Soni. While her thirst for knowledge and adventure are akin, their personalities differ entirely. PeeBee’s demeanor is described as less poised, refined and better defined as “bubbly” and straightforward. Sometimes tact isn’t always necessary to get the job done, after all. On the other hand, there is Liam – an energetic and passionate young man with a lot to offer. A former police officer, he takes on the role of security as part of the Pathfinder team, alongside the Ryder family. Some fans of the trilogy have compared him to the likes of Alenko, Vega, even Jacob.

There isn’t much to disclose about Cora, unfortunately, even her face is yet to be known. Other than the fact that she is a human and has the ability to utilize a biotic shield covering a wide area. More than likely, it is a dome that protects squadmates from projectiles. A Reddit leak from last year explains this ability in further detail:

Each crew member has a unique personality and specific abilities that open up strategic options as you choose which two of them to bring into each mission. For example, Cora has the ability to deploy a biotic shield that protects everyone in the bubble while still allowing you and your squad to fire out of it. Your crew will grow alongside you as you explore the Helius Cluster, and you can choose how you upgrade your crew’s weapons, gear and abilities to increase their individual combat effectiveness.

Unlike Cora, we know a wee bit more information on Drack. It looks as though he will not be part of the Pathfinder team from the get-go. You’ll have to enlist him through a loyalty mission that warrants you tracking down some outlaws. Sweet. According to Eurogamer, the Krogan companion has yet to be announced officially. Yet his appearance in many trailers, as well as the Reddit leak from last year, has certainly solidified it:

For example, when a Krogan colony ship has been stolen by one of the outlaw factions leaving the colonists stranded without resources to survive, your Krogan squad mate, Drack, is determined to strike out against them. If you take the mission and help him track down the outlaws’ hideout to return the ship to its rightful owners, Drack’s loyalty toward you and your squad will increase and Drack will unlock a brand new skill tree.

It looks as though his loyalty mission won’t be easy, but the benefit of having Drack on the team certainly makes it a desirable one to complete. Not only that, Krogans are straight-up bad ass.

If you take a look at the in-game captures seen both above and below, they showcase a Krogan who we can only assume is Drack. Both from different trailers. You can probably take a wild guess as to who the others might be. More than likely it is Cora, or a suited up PeeBee, and Ryder. In the GIF seen above, he is a big ‘ol blur on the right hand side. On the bottom image, he takes shelter beside Ryder for an ambush.

drack squadmates

What are your thoughts on the two new Mass Effect: Andromeda squadmates? Do you hope for a Krogan with a surprising personality? Perhaps less rigid and cranky? Let us know in the comments down below!

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