Gears of War 4 Introduces New Feral Horde Mode Playlist

Feral Horde Mode

Fans of Gears of War’s cooperative Horde mode will be pleased to know that the slaughter-fest continues in Gears of War 4. Are you ready to fight like an animal and survive this new challenge? On February 23rd, The Coalition released a hardcore difficulty for the latest in the Gears franchise. They’re calling this playlist the Feral Horde Mode. While currently the playlist can only be played on the game’s Clocktower map, hopefully it will spread to other maps as well. Much like other games in the Gears franchise, the Horde Mode is a lot of fun, but holy guacamole does this sound like an awesome fresh take on a classic:

Feral Horde ratchets up the intensity of each wave, changing the composition of each wave to focus more on constant pressure and unrelenting assault. Prepare to move, dodge and scrap your way to victory against new waves filled with hefty amounts of Explosive Trackers, Swarm Grenadiers, DR-1s, Dropshot Scions and more! -TC, Community Manager for Gears of War at The Coalition

Feral Horde Mode

It would appear that holding a zone is not an option, or at the very least not recommended. As a result, this should provide some interesting gameplay with a more mobile defensive focus and most importantly, good teamwork.  To celebrate the release of the new mode, The Coalition has set up a challenge event this weekend only. Players get a nice Double Class XP Boost throughout the event as well as new skins to unlock. These skins can be unlocked after registering your Gamertag and completing three challenges but its noteworthy to remember that the event ends February 27th so you may need to hurry:

  • The Tiger Skin, unlocked after completing 50 waves in the Feral Horde playlist
  • The Cheetah Skin, unlocked after completing 100 waves in the Feral Horde playlist
  • The Snow Leopard Skin, unlocked after completing 200 waves in the Feral Horde playlist

Finally, in addition to the new mode and challenge weekend, also available is a new Feral Horde Gear Pack. The pack features 2 Feral weapon skin sets as well as a greatly increased chance for Epic Tier Horde Skills. This is a nice addition due to the rarity of the Epic skills within the standard booster packs. With any luck, this update will breathe a bit of fresh air into an already amazing game mode.

New skins, new difficulty, that new Horde smell. Hop in game and check it out for yourself. Are you ready to fight like an animal? If you want more recent Gears of War 4 news try these on for size:

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