Fortnite Shotgun Bug Seen Clear As Day In Twitch Player’s Livestream (VIDEO)

Fortnite Shotgun Bug

Fortnite continues to show rapid growth and popularity among gamers looking to engage in Battle Royale mode-based combat and survival. The game recently saw the launch of a massive update that included greater crossplay capabilities, a guided missile weapon and some timely Easter-themed goodies. This new update also included a significant number of bug fixes, many of which pertained to frequent player complaints. However, it seems that one particular bug that has plagued many players recently is still very evident, according to one Twitch streamer’s video. The Fortnite shotgun bug suffered by many right now can be seen in this new video with quite humorous reactions from its involved parties.

Twitch streamer Kaogee has shared a clip that occurred during one of her recent Fortnite livestreams. In the clip, Kaogee floats onto a building concurrently with another player. As both nearly draw their melee weapons onto each other, Kaogee pulls out a shotgun, just as the opponent begins executing a hearty jig. It seems that the dance proved to be too mighty, as Kaogee clearly shoots the groovin’ player point blank in the head, yet no damage is dealt to the masked figure. The dancing continues and turns into a hand clap emote from the lucky survivor, leaving Kaogee with a stunned reaction of her from her webcam.

Some viewers believe that the dancing emote cause the player’s hitbox to move to their hands, while others have claimed that they saw the head move upon the blast. No matter the case, it is quite irrefutable that there was a glaring bug with the shotgun in this case. Epic Games has not responded to this specific instance, but it is very probable that they have heard similar reports of shotgun issues. Hopefully Kaogee has better luck in the future with the shotgun, and can be the one dancing with joy instead. What do you guys think about this Fortnite shotgun bug? Let us know in the comments below!

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