Epic Announces 8 New Epic Games Store Exclusives (VIDEO)

The Epic Games Store has been a polarizing topic in the gaming world. On the one hand, many devs are signing deals that will enable them to fund future projects…

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New Fortnite ‘IT’ Crossover Leaked (VIDEO)

Fortnite is no stranger to cross-promotional initiatives with various media brands. From a Thanos cameo for last year’s Avengers: Infinity War to NFL jerseys with custom numbers, and most recently…

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Fortnite X Mayhem Crossover Brings Borderlands Characters To Battle Royale (VIDEO)

Fortnite continues to dominate the multiplayer video game landscape with its popular battle royale mode. The game also has fans fixated on the additions of new skins, emotes and other…

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Original ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Map Has Been Recreated In Fortnite (VIDEO)

Seeing full 3D re-creations of classic video games in modern game engines can be a lot of fun. Beyond the transformation into modern game aesthetics, though, it’s also awesome when…

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Fortnite Mechs Significantly Nerfed Following Community Backlash

Upon the launch of Season X in Fortnite Battle Royale, the B.R.U.T.E. was added to the game. More commonly referred to as mechs, these robotic overlords have been wreaking havoc…

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Rocket League Is Getting Rid Of Its Randomized Loot Crates

It looks like Epic Games’ influence is finally bleeding into its acquired studio Psyonix’ Rocket League, though it seems like it may be for the better. It has been revealed…

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Fortnite Season 10 Teased With New Story Trailer (VIDEO)

August 1st will see the arrival of the highly anticipated 10th season of Fortnite action, and by the way things are looking, we might be seeing the return of some…

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Fortnite Season 10 Teases Mecha-Sized Return

Despite being a free-to-play game, Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale market and the video game industry in general. The game met significant milestones this past week, with the…

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Hideo Kojima Criticizes Battle Royale Mode, Rejected It For Death Stranding

The gaming industry has been influenced by many new introductions the past few years, but perhaps no singular gameplay mode has been as impactful as battle royale. While the multiplayer…

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Fortnite Season 9 Culminates In Epic Monster Vs. Mecha Battle (VIDEO)

Fortnite has been teasing a decidedly big happening since the start of Season 9, with various evidence foretelling the arrival of a massive monster to the battle royale shooter. Last…

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