Fortnite Funko Pop Collection Revealed

Fortnite Funko Pop

Few games—if any—can print cash like Fortnite can. Between the endless stream of skins and weapons, Epic Games continues to redefine how video games can make money. And that’s just the in-game content. Real world items, like Monopoly and Nerf blasters, let players enjoy their favorite game away from the screens. A Funko Pop collectible line was assumed to be the next logical step, and now Epic Games has provided a look at the wonderful figures.

A two-part post on Instagram showed off eleven of the Funko Pop Vinyl line of Fortnite skins. While this is only a small offering of Epic Games’ skins, Funko chose an excellent sampling of outfits to utilize. Plus, the post indicates that these are only some of the upcoming figures. More Fortnite Pops are likely coming at launch, with even more guaranteed for future releases. Indeed, if the Funko Pops sell as well as the in-game skins, the company could probably redirect all product development towards Fortnite. 

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We know that the company will produce more products in this line because Funko CEO Brian Mariotti confirmed it himself. (Emphasis is mine.)

“We are thrilled to collaborate and partner with Epic Games to create the inaugural Fortnite product collection and to bring these characters to life for the first time. This collection will be a true celebration of Fortnite’s incredible popularity and cultural significance, and we believe our Funko Fortnite collectibles will strongly resonate with fans of the game. We look forward to expanding this collection and combining our leading product capabilities with our strong retail platform.”

Given the timing of the announcement, it’s likely that the products will launch in time for the holidays. In the meantime, players will have to “settle” for Season 6 of Fortnite, which debuts September 27.

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