Final Fantasy XIV Announces PS5 Backward Compatibility, Patch 5.4 Details

Final Fantasy XIV Announces PS5 Backward Compatibility, Patch 5.4 Details

With the primary storyline of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers having concluded thanks to the last major update, fans of the MMORPG are more excited than ever to see what game director Naoki Yoshida and his team have in store for the future. To help address that particular need, Square Enix has released its first batch of details for Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4, while also confirming backward compatibility for the game on the PlayStation 5.

During the latest LIVE Letter from the producer, Yoshi-P announced that the official name of patch 5.4 is “Futures Rewritten,” with the update slated to release at some point this December. The patch will offer the first batch of MSQ’s (main scenario quests) following the conclusion of the Shadowbringers storyline, so this should be extra exciting for those of us that have been waiting to see what comes next for the Warrior of Light (and Darkness) and the Scions.

Final Fantasy XIV Announces PS5 Backward Compatibility, Patch 5.4 Details

Elsewhere in the presentation, it’s revealed that patch 5.4 will also include the next raid dungeon centered around the Eden storyline, so it looks like we’ll be reuniting with Ryne and Gaia once they’ve finished eating their way through the finest dining the Crystarium has to offer. Back on The Source, there will also be a new Chronicles of a New Era – The Sorrow of Werlyt update that will introduce Emerald Weapon to the game, as well as a new dungeon and Unreal Trial. Patch 5.4 will also introduce the new Explorer Mode, which lets players explore dungeons without any of those pesky monsters or bosses in order to take screenshots. Players will be able to use their Mounts and their Minions in this mode.

As for playing Final Fantasy XIV on the PS5, Yoshi-P has confirmed that backward compatibility will let users utilize the same display settings available on the PS4 Pro, so they’ll be able to choose between a 4K mode and a performance mode. Playing Final Fantasy XIV on the PS5 will also “ensure quick load times.”

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 is slated to release early December 2020. Patch 5.35 releases on October 13th, and will include the next chapter of the Save the Queen questline.

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