Fallout 4 New Vegas Gets Massive Update From Devs – More To Come

Fallout 4 New Vegas

While fans patiently wait for more news on Fallout 76, many are turning to the mod community for past games in the series. There dedicated fans are keeping past installments to the franchise alive with fresh perspectives, while others are creating new experiences all together. One such project, Fallout 4 New Vegas, just dropped a ton of new details for fans looking forward to the projects release:

Following last week’s short devlog break for Labor Day, we’ve had a fair bit of new development underway. As many of you have seen, many new weapons assets have been started or are in the process of being completed for F4NV, and those will be seeing some more in-depth discussion in the very near future. Along with that, we’ve seen a lot of discussion within the community about how weapons, skills, and balance can be handled – we’re really excited to see how invested many of you are in seeing F4NV’s balance at work!”

The Fallout 4 New Vegas team is definitely hard at work getting things together. Beyond the new weapons the team is also working on environmental art, and hero assets key to some major locations. The team also teased showing off how these assets will fit in with the worldspace assets before talking about level design:

Our level design team, meanwhile, has been carrying on with the difficult task of building the Mojave outwards, and making the desert an interesting place to explore. Alongside this, work has been put into lighting tweaks for some key sequences that are already present in the game to ensure that things are looking as good as they possibly can be, and doing so while running well. It’s easy to get caught up in all the environmental art from time to time, as well as the promise of a newer engine without the restrictions of needing to release on consoles, and as such end up overdoing things and causing a hit to performance. Our work process allows us to mitigate this, so as to ensure that F4NV remains running as smoothly as possible.”

The team for Fallout 4 New Vegas is pulling out all of the stops as the work on quests, script writing, and more. They face the challenge of reworking systems from New Vegas that aren’t present in Fallout 4, which are difficult to bring over. The team has assured fans in their update that those systems will function just like, or better in Fallout 4 New Vegas than they did in the original.

Overall the Fallout 4 New Vegas team has been “positively buzzing with activity” the last few weeks. The team is looking forward to showing off their progress in the not too distant future. As the ambitious project continues to gain momentum, we’re sure the team will carry on the trend of showing off what will come to be an amazing mod!

How do  you think the Fallout 4 New Vegas mod will change the way New Vegas was played? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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