Fallout Miami Reveals Major Story Update, New Characters, And More (VIDEO)

Fallout Miami is one of the most ambitious fan-created mods for Fallout 4 we’ve ever seen. Project founder Mika999 promises a brand new expansive area to explore in Miami, Florida as well as new creatures and gear for players to encounter when they load into the new content. While the trailer was a massive hit for Fallout fans, many were left wondering speculating the stinger that depicted Enclave soldiers toward the end of the video.

The development team delivered a follow-up to to the teaser by sharing a little bit of background regarding the Enclave’s involvement in Miami. The story content will take place in late 2287, an entire 10 years after the battle of Raven Rock in the endgame of Fallout 3. The Enclave sent a team to Miami with the goal of claiming pre-war military technology and securing the area for the faction. Check out the update for the project in this video below:

It seems we won’t have all the answers for why the Enclave is in the sunshine state for now, but there was a little bit more light shed on new characters the player can run into. As Mya in the video explains:

After Raven Rock fell, this somewhat underequipped base was left isolated, unable to contact any other Enclave remnants. It’s been ten years since then, but we’ll leave that juicy lore for another time.”

One is Colonel Magnus who commands the Enclave’s forces in the region. He is doing everything he can to keep his people alive and thriving in the harsh conditions of Miami, but he’s spreading himself thin. This is an interesting new take for an Enclave character as we haven’t seen sympathetic Enclave members since Arcade Gannon and Cannibal Johnson.

Additionally, the player will be joined by a new companion, Captain Killian Beckett. He’s a soldier who’s lost his family and only has his job left, but he’s still damn good at being a model soldier for the rest of the Enclave. Killian is stringently loyal to the cause and will be a personable character for the player to interact with once they join up with the Enclave Remnants in the area.

Fallout Miami is shaping up to be a fantastic experience and the developer hasn’t really given a release date for the project, but if they stick with the monthly update schedule I wouldn’t mind getting a drip feed of new info whenever it comes.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any other news we hear regarding Fallout Miami and other cool Fallout mods and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed the Gamers:


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