Epic Games Store Will Cut Back On Exclusives “At Some Point”

Epic Games Store Will Cut Back On Exclusives "At Some Point"

It is no secret that Epic Games has upset quite a lot of people with its ongoing bid for exclusive titles, with the latest backlash revolving around the reveal that The Outer Worlds won’t be available through Steam until 12 months after its release on the Epic Games Store. Naturally, many have been wondering whether or not Epic will continue on its destructive exclusive-grabbing path. The answer, apparently, is no, though the time table for that is a little fuzzy.

The news comes by way of GDC 2019, wherein Epic Games Store head Steve Allison confirmed that there is a finite time before Epic slows its roll on grabbing exclusives. “I don’t think we plan to do it forever,” he said. “I expect that we’re already seeing the ecosystem come to life, from a sale and users perspective.” He then clarified by stating that the bid to obtain exclusives will still continue for some time, though the amount of games Epic will gain exclusive rights to will dwindle over time. “It’s about pushing the business model and helping people thrive,” he said.

Hopefully, people just come eventually or the industry moves down to match us. But the answer is yes, we will at some point go to zero or very, very few exclusives per year. Definitely not going to be doing it at the scale we’re doing now.”

The ‘industry’ in question is likely a reference to Steam, which has lost more than one title to the Epic Games Store since the latter’s opening day. Whether Steam responds by reviewing its own policies still remains to be seen, though so far the only major change we’ve seen out of Valve’s distribution platform has been the upcoming redesign.

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