Petition Asking For Lucasfilm To Reverse The EA Star Wars License Agreement

EA Star Wars License

Many Star Wars fans are growing more and more convinced that the EA Star Wars license agreement has been troubling, especially given recent events. Some fans immediately showed uneasiness when it was first announced a few years ago that EA would be given exclusive licensing rights to create Star Wars video games, given EA’s then-previous history of poorly received business practices. Now, in reaction to the recent controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, one fan of the franchise has begun a petition for Lucasarts to end their EA Star Wars license agreement.

John Hunt of London, England, has begun the petition on titled “Lucasfilm: Revoke EA’s Star Wars License.” The description for the petition gives an extensive and detailed recollection of perceived mistakes that EA has committed since signing their license agreement with Lucasfilm back in 2013, which Hunt would hope convinces Lucasfilm and their parent company, The Walt Disney Company, that EA is damaging the Star Wars brand. The first offense referenced the relatively light amount of content that was made available at the launch of the first EA-published Battlefront game in 2015, which would only be further supplemented with a $50 season pass. The description also laments EA’s recent decision to close Visceral Games and turn their linear Star Wars project into a more dynamic game that would likely offer greater monetization opportunities.

The big catalyst causing the petition is of course EA’s handling of Battlefront II, which caused uproar over its loot crate and progresssiom systems, and prevalence of benefits for opting to purchase in-game currency with real money.  This petition would seem to vocalize what many fans believe to be a poor handling of the Star Wars franchise, which Lucasfilm’s parent company, The Walt Disney Company, might also believe to some extent given rumors of Disney demanding the microtransactions be shut down on the eve of the game’s launch. As of writing, the petition has just under 33,000 signatures, with the number expected to grow. It would be quite a longshot for this petition to make Disney consider such an impactful choice, but just maybe, the EA Star Wars license might be destined for such destruction sooner rather than later. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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