Disney Investor

Disney Investor Suggests Company Acquire Activision Blizzard

The past year has been a bit of an interesting ride for Activision. At the end of this past fiscal year, the company found itself coming out of one of…

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Lilo & Stitch Live Action

Lilo & Stitch Live Action Remake In The Works By Disney

The Walt Disney Company has quite noticeably benefited from several key decisions regarding live action film projects in the past few years. The company’s acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars…

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Rehire James Gunn

OPINION: Here’s Why the Firing of James Gunn Should Be Reconsidered, Guardians of the Galaxy Theme

Perhaps the biggest story in movie news, if not news regarding all entertainment, in the past week has been Walt Disney’s decision to fire James Gunn from his directorial position…

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Kim Possible Live Action

Kim Possible Live Action Film Being Developed By Disney Channel

It’s no secret that film studios and television content providers have been looking to nostalgic pre-existing franchises for source material to be adapted into new TV and film projects. Most…

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Black Widow Movie

Marvel Black Widow Movie Finally Lands A Writer, One Step Closer To Reality

Later this year, Marvel Studios will be releasing Avengers: Infinity War –  which very much will be a culmination of the decade-long interconnected film series that has immeasurable shaken the blockbuster…

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EA Star Wars License

Petition Asking For Lucasfilm To Reverse The EA Star Wars License Agreement

Many Star Wars fans are growing more and more convinced that the EA Star Wars license agreement has been troubling, especially given recent events. Some fans immediately showed uneasiness when…

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21st Century Fox

Disney In Talks To Acquire 21st Century Fox

The Walt Disney Company is a massive business. While under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Bob Iger, they have seen further growth with the purchases of other properties such…

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Star Wars 1313 Designer

Star Wars 1313 Designer Comments On Cancelled Game – Being a Creator is a “Constant Battle”

While most of the new Star Wars projects initiated by The Walt Disney Company since their acquisition of Lucasfilm a few years ago have been generally well-received, one of the…

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Netflix Negotiating

Netflix Negotiating With Disney to Keep Streaming Rights on Marvel and Star Wars Films

One of the more disappointing pieces of news to elicit a passionate response from the collective communicators on the internet this past week has been Disney’s announcement of a new…

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Disney Streaming Service

Marvel and Star Wars Will Leave Netflix For New Disney Streaming Service

One of the more recent additions to Netflix that its userbase was looking forward to for quite some time would be the streaming of new Disney home media release titles…

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