Diablo and Overwatch Come Together With This Incredible Reaper Cosplay

Reaper Cosplay

Diablo and Overwatch don’t have many similarities in terms of gameplay. Aesthetically, however, the two Blizzard titles continue to find common ground. Sombra’s Demon Hunter skin, for example, amazed fans of both franchises and probably earned Blizzard a nice profit. One character who could easily fit into both universes is Reaper. Thanks to a cosplayer, we have now seen a phenomenal version of what that crossover would look like.

Cosplayer Leah Stevo debuted this amazing look at BlizzCon a year ago, but it deserves extra attention. Take a look at the insane detail put into every aspect of this ensemble.

The mask is a near perfect replica of the in-game look. The swords look like they’d pack quite the punch if they were, you know, real swords. My favorite part is the intricacy of the armor patterns. I could never even approach that level of skill, no matter how much time I had. It’s one of the finest cosplays I’ve seen in a long time—and I’ve seen some pretty damn good ones.

You can check out more of Leah Stevo’s work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

As for Diablo and Overwatch, there’s plenty to be excited for in the future. Overwatch continues to churn out awesome new in-game content, plus real gear for super fans. With millions of players around the world, that probably won’t change any time soon.

Diablo fans should be ready for some new changes, though. Diablo III debuts for Nintendo Switch on November 2. We’ll even get to see Ganondorf in the game! Furthermore, an animated Diablo series may be in the works for Netflix. Given the success of Netflix’s Castlevania series, fans should be optimistic when the series eventually drops.

What are your thoughts on Stevo’s Reaper cosplay? What other mashups do you think we could see between Overwatch and Diablo? Let us know in the comments, and follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news!

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