Elder Scrolls Online Cosplay

This Elder Scrolls Online Cosplay Is Insanely Perfect

The Elder Scrolls Online has proven that a rough start does not doom a game’s fortunes. The MMORPG grew into a smash hit with over 2.5 million monthly users. Many of…

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Coven Of Mercy Overwatch

Overwatch: “Coven of Mercy” Cosplay Photoshoot Will Amaze You

Overwatch offers more opportunities for creative cosplay than nearly any other game around. Its wide range of characters and extensive catalog of skins lead to cosplay both expected and surprising….

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This Final Fantasy VII Cloud And Aeris Cosplay Has Us Heartbroken All Over Again

This Final Fantasy VII Cloud And Aeris Cosplay Rips Our Hearts Open A Second Time

The Final Fantasy series is chock-full of heartbreaking moments. From Josef sacrificing himself to save the rest of the party in Final Fantasy II, to Vivi’s tragic demise at the…

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Mass Effect 2’s Grunt Is Looking Like A Snack In This Cosplay Creation

Turian, Asari, and Krogan – oh my! When you can make a Krogan look like he came straight from a set of Galactic Playboy, you know you’re doing it right….

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The Witcher - Triss Merigold

The Witcher: This Cosplayer Brings Triss Merigold To Life In Stunning Fashion

The Witcher franchise has provided fans with many characters to fall in love with over the years, and the likes of Triss Merigold is no exception. We recently learned who…

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Fallout: New Vegas cosplay

This Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay Shows The Uglier Side Of The Franchise

One of the many ways that gamers show their passion is through cosplay. While some are collecting every piece of memorabilia imaginable, others are creating elaborate costumes to bring some…

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This Sephiroth Cosplay Is The Perfect Homage To The One-Winged Angel

This Sephiroth Cosplay Is The Perfect Homage To The One-Winged Angel

Sephiroth is one of the most iconic villains in the Final Fantasy franchise, with only the likes of mad clown Kefka rivaling his popularity. As such, the former SOLDIER from…

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Overwatch Oni Genji

This Overwatch Oni Genji Cosplay Is Incredible

Cosplayers are some of the most talented bunch this side of the universe. Pulling all-nighters, taking risks with new techniques, and doing so much more, they aim to complete their…

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Mass Effect's Commander Shepard Comes to Life In This Cosplay

Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard Comes to Life In This Cosplay

Mass Effect is experiencing a dry spell of titles as of late, with 2016’s ‘Andromeda‘ being the last we’ve seen from the mainline game series. Even longer we’ve been apart from…

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This Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay Looks Incredible

With Fallout: New Vegas having just recently celebrated its 8th birthday, the fandom love is more real than ever before. Though we won’t be getting a sequel from Obsidian anytime…

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