DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: February 19th (VIDEO)

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Gone is another seven days and now is the time when DFTG recaps the biggest movie and TV trailers of the week. Earlier this month brought the trailer-laden Super Bowl and lately another sports event currently controls the airwaves: the 2018 Winter Olympics. The international collective brings frozen games and also a slew of new trailers, the biggest of which can be viewed below.


A Quiet Place

While the concept of the post-apocalypse has been done to death, A Quiet Place seems to tread new ground by focusing on sound, or the lack of it. The end of the world has been brought upon by terrifying unseen monsters and survivors are forced to keep it down or be met with a terrible fate. The trailer focuses on one family’s survival under this premise, tip-toeing across floors and using sign language, but it doesn’t seem to be enough in the end. A Quiet Place creeps into theaters on April 6th.


A Series Of Unfortunate Events – Season 2

A Series Of Unfortunate Events is coming back for another season and Count Olaf still refuses to stop pursuing the Baudelaire children’s fortune. Not allowing the show repeat itself, Olaf also steps in to take over the show’s marketing, taking a page from the fourth-wall destroying Deadpool. The ensuing trailer promises much more villainy and despair than ever, but we aren’t looking away just yet. Season 2 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events streams on Netflix starting March 30th.


Batman Ninja

The Joker has travelled back in time to Feudal Japan and now Batman must defeat the clown before history changes for the worse. Featuring amazing 3D anime visuals, the dark knight and his extended Bat-family take on the likes of Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd, a sumo wrestler Bane, and Joker himself in the form of a giant robot. Batman Ninja releases digitally on April 24th and on Blu-ray on May 8th.


Final Space – Season 1

Final Space began as an animated web-series by YouTuber Olan Rogers, but has now blown up to become a full show on cable channel TBS. It follows an astronaut named Gary in his intergalactic / ridiculous adventures through outer space. Based on the trailer, the series seems to keen fill the goofy space opera void left by Futurama after it went off the air. Final Space is available to watch on the TBS website, and will begin airing on TV on February 26.


Incredibles 2

The supers are back, and they’re parenting! From the looks of this new teaser, the sequel picks up pretty much where The Incredibles left off, in a fight with the mole-faced Underminer. What follows seems to be a role reversal of the last film, where Elastigirl ventures out to fulfill hero duties and Mr. Incredible becomes a stay-at-home dad. The latter grows infinitely more difficult when baby Jack Jack manifest his many, many superpowers. Incredibles 2 soars into theaters on June 15th.



A new trailer for Rampage debuted this week, and while there wasn’t any significant plot reveals, there were quite a few new pieces of footage. The Rock is pals with a prank-pulling gorilla named George until the ape mysteriously begins to grow to humungous size. Other animals have been affected as well and begin to rampage across large cities with the military close behind. All the while, The Rock cracks jokes and lays out henchmen with his giant boulder arms. Rampage stomps into theaters on April 20th.


Ready Player One

To the tune of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, a new look at Ready Player One delivers all the references once again. While we get a further peek at the movie’s dystopian plot, those easter eggs expectedly stole the show with references to The Iron Giant, Jurassic Park‘s T-Rex, King Kong, and even a Mario Kart shoutout. We’re also pretty sure we saw Halo Spartans running into a epically massive battle. So, yeah. Ready Player One will hit theaters on March 29th.


Trust – Season 1


Trust is an all new anthology series akin to American Horror Story retelling the events of the 1973 Getty abduction. If this premise sounds familiar, it should, as the film All the Money in the World had already retold these events so when it released this past December. While some may want to skip this show for that fact alone, it may be worth sticking around just for the much more quirky tone. Plus, Brendan Fraser is freaking back and he’s wearing a cowboy hat! Trust will premiere on FX on March 25th.

Which of our DFTG recaps was your favorite? Any trailers we missed? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more cool trailers from recent weeks, check out these next few links below:

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