Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton To Narrate Ready Player Two Audiobook

Video game culture has been validated enough to become a big part of mainstream media and one of the biggest reflections of that in the past decade has been Ready…

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Hyper Scape Gameplay Trailer Revealed With Major Ready Player One Vibes (VIDEO)

Hyper Scape Gameplay Trailer Revealed With Major Ready Player One Vibes (VIDEO)

While not necessarily the most exciting thing to come out of today’s Ubisoft Forward event, the publisher’s upcoming free-to-play battle royale title Hyper Scape still represents a unique spin on…

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Ready Player One Honest Trailers

Ready Player One’s Honest Trailer Throws Eggs At Spielberg’s Latest Blockbuster (VIDEO)

Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of the hit Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One has finally arrived on Blu-Ray this week. The film proved to be a financial success, especially in…

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Ready Player One Film Will Feature Iconic PlayStation Character Cameos

Let it be said, that this article MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS – so beware! From the first major trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One film, it’s obvious enough that plenty of…

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Atari’s Ready Player One-inspired Katakana Black Line Now Available: Hats, Wallets, Bags, & More

For the more nostalgic gamer looking to rehash their love for Atari, there’s some good news. The company has just launched a new Katakana black line that is as sleek…

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DFTG Recaps

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: February 19th (VIDEO)

Gone is another seven days and now is the time when DFTG recaps the biggest movie and TV trailers of the week. Earlier this month brought the trailer-laden Super Bowl…

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WATCH: Latest Ready Player One Featurette Is A Glimpse Into The Impending Future

From the creative genius of Ernest Cline and the collaborative work between him and director Steven Spielberg, the upcoming science-fiction film may very well be a hit in the box…

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WATCH: Ready Player One New Trailer Has A Lot Of Gaming Easter Eggs, Can You Find Them All?

Warner Bros. Pictures has officially unveiled a new Ready Player One trailer to show case the film that is taking the sci-fi novel to the big screen. Since the source…

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Ready Player One Trailer is Filled with Pop Culture Awesomeness (VIDEO)

Steven Spielberg’s First Ready Player One Trailer is Filled With Pop Culture Awesomeness (VIDEO)

After recently releasing a first look image about the anticipated science fiction film, an official trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One has now appeared online following its debut at San…

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Here’s the First Image to Emerge from Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Ernest Cline’s 2011 hit book Ready Player One is something that should probably be read by anyone with an affinity for 80’s pop culture, puzzles, trivia, or really any nerdy…

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