Destiny 2 PC Datamine Reveals Major Death, Potential Spoilers, And New Locations

Destiny 2 PC datamine

A Destiny 2 PC datamine campaign was underway almost immediately after the game’s release. Within a few hours, fans had unearthed hordes of information including what may be major spoilers in regards to future events. Players were also able to discover information about expansions and raids as well as a teaser for a major death in the game. Be warned, the following contains information that some may not want to read. If you’re looking for a spoiler-free experience, stop reading now.

Firstly, the information revealed in the Destiny 2 PC datamine aren’t necessarily gospel at this point.  It is possible that, much like the Prison of Elders, this is all leftover code from the original Destiny. As with all things speculative, take this information with a grain of salt.

Destiny 2 PC datamine

Recent audio uploads on Reddit by user “TheEcumene” reveal places and events not yet experienced by players. There was a lot to sift through in the audio files and not all of it was useful. However vague the information is, it does offer a few points of interest for inquisitive fans.

The Destiny 2 PC datamine reveals several pieces of dialogue referring back to the Dreadnaught. The files offer several clips referring to infiltrating and understanding it. It may be that these lines are for missions related to patrol which may mean the location is just a name drop. Speaking of which, the Black Garden, “the Vault” (the Vault of Glass?!), Venus, Old Russia, and Mars are all mentioned as well.

In terms of new places, the Destiny 2 PC datamine mentioned a location called “The Myriad”. All three factions mention the place, both for adventure and understanding. This suggests the possibility that a new expansion may include raids on another planet.

Destiny 2 PC datamine

Also among the files sifted was voice work suggesting that The Speaker is either resurrected or replaced in a later expansion. There are many lines that refer to The Speaker that suggests this, however, it isn’t clear if this will be actualized. It is just as likely that it’s leftover audio that will never be used.

Finally, what may likely be the oddest bits of audio refer to Cayde-6. It is unclear, again, if this is meant for the cutting room floor or things yet to pass so take it for what it is – a possibility. Among the data are 4 clips that refer to the dead of Cayde-6. Here are how the lines read:

  • “Cayde’s death is upon us.”
  • “What would he do with that information, I wonder.”
  • “He wasn’t aligned with our greater goals, but Cayde was a friend and an ally. He will be missed.”
  • “He wasn’t leadership material, but Cayde was a good man. Machine or otherwise.”
  • “Simulations predicted Cayde’s departure… but not what came after.”

All of this new information has created a sea of speculation among fans in forums as more and more audio is revealed. Unfortunately, that is more or less what it will remain until the first expansion comes out. Until then, fans will have to keep digging. What are your thoughts on the ethics Datamining games? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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