There Will be a Day One Patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda – Game File Size Disclosed

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Day One Patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in a few weeks. While that is exciting all on its own, we keep getting more and more details about the upcoming title in the popular space RPG franchise. BioWare’s own Ian S. Frazier is the latest employee to cough up a few of those precious tidbits. Recently, Frazier took to Twitter to reveal a few details on the software side of things, like the day one patch and the game’s file size.

The highly anticipated game went gold on February 24, meaning that initial development has been completed and it is ready for consumers to… consume. While you won’t want to eat the game, you’ll certainly want to play it when it comes out on March 21. However, through Ian’s Twitter session, we have learned that there will be a day one patch and a “good portion” of the team is working hard on ensuring it is ready by launch. Frazier even said it will be ready for those with EA and Origin Access, who get to play the game five days before everyone else. Well, according to Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble, that’s the plan:

It’s an ambitious endeavor, but we’re sure the team at BioWare is up to the challenge. After a Twitter user by the name of @JusticeWay007 asked what day one patches usually consist of, Frazier responded with the following:

Day 1 patch consists of various fixes, balance tweaks, and polish items. They’re not already in game because certification, physical manufacturing, and retail distribution takes time. But we like to use that time to make the game even better.”

In the Twitter storm of details, we also learned about how big the full game’s file size will be. When the PC system requirements were revealed on February 24, it was also disclosed that you would need at least 55 GB of free space. Ian tweeted that the version for consoles will be “At least 45, not more than 60.” A Twitter user by the name of @GamedamMeister responded to this by saying “According to the Xbox marketplace, the file size is 42.2 GB.” While the 42.2 GB doesn’t fall into the 45 – 60 GB range Frazier said, we’re sure it’s in the vicinity. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to take up space on your PC, PS4, or Xbox One hard drive beginning March 21.

What say you, gamers? Are you glad that BioWare is doing everything they can to make Andromeda perfect, or do you find a day one patch to be insufferable? Is the game file size about what you expected? Let us know in the comments section below or start up a conversation over on our Disqus! As always, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If you require more Mass Effect reading, check out what we’ve learned in the past week:

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