It Takes Two Movie To Be Executive Produced By Dwayne Johnson

It Takes Two Movie

The film and television industries have been absolutely swarming with new projects that adapt popular video game franchises lately. This has been especially true with the major streaming platforms hoping to entice new subscribers, such as Paramount Plus with their Halo TV series and Netflix with their adaptation of The Witcher. Amazon has notably also joined in on the fun, with their big-budget live-action adaptation of Fallout making big steps forward lately. It Takes Two was a recent video game that was praised by many for its cinema-level storytelling, and now it seems that an It Takes Two movie is in the works.

It Takes Two Movie

Deadline has reported on the new It Takes Two movie being greenlit by Amazon. Tapped to produce the project are Seven Bucks Productions and dj2 Entertainment. Seven Bucks is of particular interest, as it is the production company started by none other than wrestler-turned-actor and producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Given this connection, Johnson has been attached to produce the production, along with Dany and Hiram Garcia. Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons will also be producing on behalf of dj2. It has also been confirmed that the game’s director and creator Josef Fares. It will be interesting to see how the infamous Oscar-fornicate handles his game being adapted to a motion picture.

It Takes Two

For those unaware, It Takes Two focus on the story of May and Cody, a couple who are pursuing divorce, but find their consciousnesses placed into two of their daughter’s dolls made to represent them. The game heavily uses the co-operative gameplay to explore the themes of fractured relationships and communication. The game was quite well received, even earning a Game of the Year award at both The Game Awars and the DICE Awards. Hopefully the It Takes Two film stays faithful to the source material and brings the colorful world to life. After all, It Takes Two to make a thing go right. It Takes Two to make it out of sight.

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