Call of Duty: Warzone Bug Is Falsely Kicking Players For Inactivity

Call of Duty Warzone Bug

The gaming sphere is full of online multiplayer shooting games that host many devoted players, with the Call of Duty series remaining as one of the most perennial favorites. With Call of Duty: Warzone, the long running series saw its foray into the increasingly popular battle royale mode structure. While this has helped propel Call of Duty into the future, it has allowed them to hold onto elements of their past, like zombies. However, this has also meant the opportunities for issues to arise, such as a newly discovered Call of Duty: Warzone bug that kicks players for inactivity, even if they are clearly moving.

Several players, such as Reddit user ImCalcium, have shared their first-hand accounts with the new Call of Duty: Warzone bug. The bug appears to be the result of a feature that is meant to reduce the possibility of spam players or other parties that can minimize the fairness of experiences by kicking players out of matches that are inactive for too long. However, in some cases, it appears that some players are getting booted despite still having moved their character not long before getting the boot. Such was the case with ImCalcium, who recorded footage from their match showing them getting kicked out for inactivity (according to the ensuing screen message) despite having clearly moved around.

Call of Duty Warzone

Features like this normally do provide benefits, as they help discourage camping and prevent lobbies from being full of inactive players, but clearly there are some errors in this that need to be ironed out. Comments under this Reddit post from ImCalcium show that there are several people experiencing this issue. Developer Raven Software has yet to comment on this issue, nor provide an update that specifically corrects it, but hopefully that fix arrives soon. There’s nothing worse than being taken out of the Warzone before its your time to go.

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