Everything You Need to Know About the Call of Duty WW2 Beta – Date, Maps, Modes & More

ww2 beta

For those looking to join Call of Duty in their ride back to their roots, those looking forward to the World War 2 beta will be able to dive right in soon! With the multiplayer beta becoming available later on this month, a new trailer gives players significant insight on what they can expect.

One of the new aspects that will be seen in WW2 are the inclusion of Divisions, which players will get to try out first hand during the beta period. The Divisions are replacing the Pick 10 customization system that veterans of this franchise are familiar with. Though progression within the Division will be limited until the title’s full release, here are types available:

  • Airborne
  • Armored
  • Expeditionary
  • Infantry
  • Mountain

This test of the Private Multiplayer Beta will feature an introduction to a portion of the player’s soldier progression and the underlying foundation of Divisions, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. The final design of this new feature will continue to be fine-tuned as development continues from now through launch.”

The maps that players can take on will include Ardennes, Pointed Du Hoc, and Gibraltar. It was also hinted that more maps will be included later before the beta period ends. As far as modes in-game go, a new mode will be introduced alongside Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint called War. Additionally, those participating in the upcoming testing period will get their first look at Operation Breakout, which Sledgehammer mentions is the “first War mode experience.”

Much like the purpose for a beta period is supposed to be, this period will be a “critical test” and the developer team urges players to provide thorough feedback so that they can “finalize features, optimize gameplay balance, and refine the remaining development roadmap to launch.”

The Call of Duty WW2 beta is set to begin August 25th until 29th for PlayStation 4 players, with a secondary private session for both PS4 and Xbox One users September 1st – 4th. For those that have pre-ordered the upcoming game from Sledghehammer, pre-purchase does qualify for instant access into the beta periods. Call of Duty: World War II will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC November 3rd.

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