Watch the PlayStation Reveal for Upcoming Call of Duty: WWII Right Here – Plus Live Q & A! (VIDEO)

News broke earlier last week when, after months of speculation, the WWII timeline was officially confirmed for the Call of Duty franchise. This isn’t the first time this series took place within the WWII era, but it was one of the most requested periods by players for the FPS giant to go back to. Looks like the team finally listened to the overwhelming feedback and is giving Call of Duty players just that if this PlayStation reveal is anything to go by.

The footage shown is actual game footage. “In this hour of great sacrifice, we shall prevail,” starts the narrative of a very real time in our history. The graphics alone look absolutely stunning, though not surprising with previous releases in the franchise. Bloody, fast-paced, and heartbreaking – a portrayal of wartime that many have experienced, and far too many did not survive.

“It’s the game we’ve been waiting to show you.” This particular time-period was green-lit three years ago and the ‘time was right’ to bring the franchise back to the franchise. “With Sledgehammer at the helm, we knew we had the right team,” as the Call of Duty WWII narrative accurately details a story that belongs to the entire world.

The live stream event also hosted a Q & A, including members from the cast (such as Josh Duhamel, Jeffrey Pierce, and Jonathan Tucker). Not only that, but we were given an in-depth look at the creative process involved in this title, including a tragic truth that serves as the foundation of this WWII adaptation. “This is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” – the team talks about honoring the past, the story, and what really happened with authentic recreations.

Glenn and Michael from Sledgehammer Games took to the stage for the reveal, eager and excited to reveal details after “three long years” of waiting. The amount of detail that went into this was painstaking. Meeting with veterans, bases, shooting ranges, as well as meeting with historians and real-time cities of war – the amount of historical research put into this project was incredible.

Here are features detailed in the reveal trailer:

  • Detailed Multiplayer
    • Private multiplayer beta will be available later on in the year
    • Boots on the ground
    • Asymmetrical vs. Axis – Capture the flag objectives
    • Divisions for player immersion
    • Headquarters – First of the kind for Call of Duty, a hub for players
  • Historically accurate weaponry, tactical skill, and the overall authentic narrative
    • Authenticity was key
  • Returns to the grounded gameplay that the franchise is “built on”, moving away from the aerial and futuristic mode
  • Real portrayal of actual key members from the war
  • Private Red Daniels will be the recruit players will step into the shoes of in the campaign
  • Co-op is available
    • Entirely new story, horrifying
    • The Third Reich’s desperate attempt to start a new army towards the end of the war
    • Zombie nazis are back, ladies and gentlemen

Marketing materials that leaked earlier this week showed co-op, beta, and pre-order information – and now the team behind future title is here to tell fans exactly what they expect. Check out the video above to learn more about the newest FPS from Activision and Sledgehammer! Call of Duty WWII will be releasing on all platforms November 3rd. Also, don’t forget to Stay tuned with DFTG on Twitter for more updates gaming and other entertainment news live 24/7!

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