Marvel Black Widow Movie Finally Lands A Writer, One Step Closer To Reality

Black Widow Movie

Later this year, Marvel Studios will be releasing Avengers: Infinity War –  which very much will be a culmination of the decade-long interconnected film series that has immeasurable shaken the blockbuster landscape. Even with all of the film accomplishments that Marvel has under their belt, one notable desire of fans that the studio has neglected to fulfill has been a movie focused on Black Widow, the most prominent female Avenger. With years of vague responses to such a project, it seems like the Black Widow movie that fans have been clamoring for may finally be a reality.

The Wrap has reported on Marvel Studios’ hiring of screenwriter Jac Schaeffer to write the script for the new Black Widow solo adventure. Schaeffer has mostly worked as a writer for Blacklist scripts, such as the screenplay for 2014’s “The Shower”, but her most recent writing work was used in the “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” short that preceded theatrical showings of Coco last year. Releasing the film certainly makes sense for Marvel and its parent company, Disney, as Scarlett Johansson’s films score big box office returns on her name alone. Her starring role in 2014’s Lucy led to a worldwide box office draw exceeding $500 million.

Considering that the film is not in production yet, no specific release date or any other details for the film have been given. Given Marvel’s full slate of films to be released until the end of 2019, the Black Widow Movie would release in 2020 at the earliest. Still, for many fans wanting to see the important female Avenger have her time in the spotlight, the red in that ledger might finally be erased. What do you guys think about a solo Black Widow Movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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