Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods Currently Available For PC Players

Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods

The gorgeous scenery, hardcore survival mechanics, and hyper-realistic setting of Kingdom Come Deliverance has garnered quite a bit of interest in the short amount of time since release. That’s not to say the title is without its own issues such as the quirky, but problematic save system or the incredibly difficult lockpicking mechanics; don’t even get us started on all of the reported glitches. Talented fans have begun making Kingdom Come Deliverance mods in order to combat these issues making the game just that much better. Below are some of the best mods to be made so far:

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Unlimited Saving

One of the most awkward issues with Kingdom Come Deliverance is its peculiar save system. Players are requires to use an item called “Saviour Schnapps” in order to save the game but with very limited quantities to be had, especially in the early parts of the title, it makes the feature a hindrance rather than a simple challenge. This Unlimited Saves mod removes the need for the Saviour Schnapps, allowing players to save across the entire game.

Bow Dot Reticle Mod, No Helmet Vision Mod

While the extreme depth of realism seen in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be seen as a welcome experience for many people, there are those that struggle with the unique interfaces. The Bow Reticle Mod fixes this by adding in a simple reticle for easier aiming at the cost of the immersive realism the game currently has. Still, it is helpful and similar to the No Helmet Vision mod that also breaks away from the immersion of looking through a helmet for full, clear vision.

Clean HUD

No matter how minimalist developers make a HUD, players will find ways to remove many of the unneeded HUD aspects altogether. That is precisely what this mod does; giving players a nice, clean view without the distractions of the standard video game HUD. Naturally, this mod doesn’t stack all that well with some others such as the Bow Reticle Mod mentioned above, but if a player is using the Clean HUD mod, the chances of them also using the Bow Reticle one is slim.

Rattay Start Mod

After starting a game a few times, replaying those beginning tutorial areas can be a bothersome and boring task. This mod aims to eliminate player frustration by taking out the boring grind of the introductory section and placing players right into the action. Players might not want to do this on their first playthrough, but after that it makes for a useful tool in exploring other options.

Sectorial Lockpicking, Easy Lockpicking

Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods

The lockpicking mechanics within the game are incredibly difficult, so much so that many players are avoiding locks altogether. There are two different Kingdom Come Deliverance mods available to help alleviate these issues. The first mod makes the mini-game similar to the mechanics of Fallout or Skyrim, separating the locks into sectors that are easier to use. If that still isn’t enough, the second mod allows players to bypass the lock mini-game altogether for any lock within the players’ skill level.

These are just a few of the mods available right now for PC players of the medieval title and that’s all within the first couple of weeks since release. One can only imagine what else is to come in the months ahead. Let us know you thoughts on these Kingdom Come Deliverance mods and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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