Borderlands 2 Speedrunning Duo Probably Knows Pandora Better Than Handsome Jack (VIDEO)

Borderlands 2 Speedrunning Duo

Speedrunning certainly isn’t new in the gaming community, but with the rise of livestreaming, it has become more prevalent than ever. This, of course, is only further helped by things such as the communities on Reddit and the annual Games Done Quick charity marathon. However, when it comes to a particular Gearbox Software title, a Borderlands 2 speedrunning duo seems to be nearly invincible.

Speaking with Kotaku, the Borderlands 2 speedrunning duo, which consists of Amyrlinn and Shockwve, discussed how they came together to take the scene by storm. Amyrlinn said, “We actually started running Borderlands 2 because we were waiting for A Hat In Time to come out. We both ran the beta of that game, and there was about a year and a half between when we stopped running and the game’s release, so we randomly picked Borderlands 2 to tide us over and just so happened to actually be pretty good at it.”

Given the success they have found with the game, it’s safe to say that this was a good decision. In fact, when looking at the leaderboards on, the Borderlands 2 speedrunning duo is sitting pretty atop just about all of the co-op categories. They are currently at 90 minutes 14 seconds for an entire campaign run, which includes load times. Without those pesky load screens, they sit at just under 86 minutes. Speedrunning with a teammate also comes with its hinderances. Amyrlinn went on to say:

In that the game and speedrun, in my opinion, is more fun with more people… The hardest thing about coordinating with another player is sometimes we use different terminology to refer to things and that can trip us up sometimes when we’re trying to figure out what we haven’t done yet”

They’ve also claimed victory with larger groups, often playing alongside TheFuncannon, who dominates the solo run leaderboards. Most recently, the three of them achieved a 2:48:28 All Quests co-op run, beating out the previous record of 2:51:28 that was held by none other than Amyrlinn and Shockwve, who were joined by bisnap on that run. To see the new world record run, check out the video below:

The speedrunner then goes on to speak about how he and Shockwve met, and how they have become the best of friends over the past few years. Meeting on Amyrlinn’s final day before graduating from James Madison University, the two then went to 2015’s Awesome Games Done Quick weeklong event, became roommates a couple years later, and the rest is history. Don’t worry, we won’t cut this story short. In regards to the friendship, Amyrlinn says:

We were in the same major so we were able to talk about classes we’d had, and fortunately we both liked the same kinds of things so we became fast friends. We’ve gone to CS:GO tournaments, beer fests, various speedrunning marathons, and it’s been pretty great.

Having a roommate to stream with actually makes it better for me, in my opinion, because we can be far more relaxed and don’t have to worry about outside forces affecting either one of us. We’ve been running this category as a group for about a month and a half. The major hurdles are the incredible amounts of RNG in the run—there’s at least three separate places where we have to get random drops from.”

What’s next for the Borderlands 2 speedrunning duo, you ask? Well, it looks like they’ll be taking their talents back to the first entry in the franchise. While they already top the co-op leaderboard in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the original Borderlands has yet to be touched. When they get around to tackling that, we’re sure it’ll be no trouble at all. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming news going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Do you believe this Borderlands 2 speedrunning duo will claim victory in the first title of the franchise? Which other games do you think the two will be great at? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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