Anthem: Hands-on Impressions for BioWare’s New Game, NOT a Destiny 2 Clone (VIDEO)


We recently got our hands on BioWare’s upcoming online game Anthemand though it’s definitely not the studio’s first time delving into the world of online (Star Wars, anyone?), the specific niche is still green for the beloved developer. Unfortunately BioWare’s upcoming game can’t stop being compared to that of Destiny 2, so we’re talking about why it’s not a Bungie clone and what we did and did not like about how the title itself played.

Listen time: 7 minutes

Overall, I enjoyed my time with BioWare’s latest adventure. I think that if gamers go in prepared NOT expecting it to play like Mass Effect than it will be an enjoyable experience. Solo play is encouraged, as is being a team player, and as long as you go into it with knowing that it is what it’s meant to be – a brand new IP – I think others will enjoy it as well. I’m anxious to play more!

Anthem launches on February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For the full transcript of the video above, check out LiLi’s coverage here over with our friends at ComicBook!

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