Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Looking To Adopt A Live Service Model to “Keep Up” With Gaming

It was previously revealed that Halo Infinite will be taking on some RPG elements that will allow the story to adapt and grow for years, now we’re learning that it…

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Anthem Open Demo Starts Today, Here’s What You Need To Know (VIDEO)

After a successful weekend on the Anthem VIP demo, the team at BioWare is  getting ready to kick off another weekend of fun – this time the demo will be open…

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BioWare Head Offers Anthem VIP Demo Update With An Apology, List of Fixes, and a New Freebie

The Anthem VIP demo is here and given that the opinion of the new IP from BioWare has done a total 180 regarding fan reactions since it was first revealed,…

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Diablo Immortal Offline

Diablo Immortal Offline Play Is Not Allowed, Says Blizzard

It has been quite a weekend for attendees of BlizzCon 2018. Blizzard Entertainment made many new announcements regarding its big franchises, including a new Overwatch hero and a remake of…

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Anthem: Hands-on Impressions for BioWare’s New Game, NOT a Destiny 2 Clone (VIDEO)

We recently got our hands on BioWare’s upcoming online game Anthem, and though it’s definitely not the studio’s first time delving into the world of online (Star Wars, anyone?), the specific niche…

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Team Fortress 2 Just Dropped A Major New Update, Plus Matchmaking Changes

Despite being out for over 10 years, the team behind the beloved multiplayer title Team Fortress 2 are alive and kickin’. The latest update, which is HUGE by the way,…

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Fortnite’s Latest Update Live: Here’s Whats New, What’s Different, And What’s Festive

The latest Fortnite patch is now live for fans of both the Save the World and Battle Royal modes! The online game has been smashing records left and right, and…

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Fortnite Patch

Fortnite Update 1.37 Patch Addresses Needed Changes For ‘Battle Royale’ And ‘Save The World’

The latest update for the popular online game has arrived and brings with it the usual bug fixes, weapons swaps, and more. In addition to the standard changes, a new…

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Gaming Threats Son Kills Angry Father

Son Kills Angry Father After Misunderstanding His Online Gaming Threats

Following a deadly series of events, 22-year-old Alec Tarasiuk is being held without bail for shooting and killing his 57-year-old father, Walter Tarasiuk. Local prosecutors in Chicago have found that the violent…

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Destiny 2: Bungie Outlines 2018 Plans, Talks Expansions, Eververse, Post-Content, And More

As promised, the team over at Bungie has provided players of the MMO sequel, Destiny 2, with an extensive update regarding their 2018 plans in an effort for pure transparency….

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