New Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay Livestream Coming Next Month

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Stream

The biggest surprise to come out of Ubisoft’s 2017 E3 press conference, if not one of the most surprising announcements of the entire expo, was easily their announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The first game was an action-adventure title that became a cult favorite, with rumors and teases of a sequel for many years flying around since its release. Ubisoft has gradually released details and glimpses of the sequel since its announcement, but there has not been much news on the game since E3 this year. It seems that period of silence will soon be over, as the studio has confirmed that a new Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay livestream will occur next month.

As reported on EveryEye.It, Ubisoft announced the new gameplay livestream coming on December 10th. This demonstration was originally planned to occur in November, but alas the plans changed and fortunately not long after their original plans. No additional details about the contents of the event are given, but hopefully more details about the game’s story will be given. However, it will likely take place on their official Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube account. This would be especially great given their reveal at E3 this year of the first game’s protagonist Jade being an antagonist in this sequel.

Senior producer Guillaume Brunier also provided an update on Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil Fest. Unfortunately, the event has been postponed until 2019, as Ubisoft needs more time to arrange and organize the community events taking place for the fest in France. With luck, maybe this delay might give the studio time to prepare more footage to be shown, or maybe even a playable demo. Regardless, it’s good to know that they haven’t forgotten about their loyal Beyond Good and Evil 2 fans, and that they are not pulling any f-bombing monkey business on them.

Are you guys excited for the new Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay livestream next month? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Ubisoft news, such as their newly announced Child of Light TV series and Werewolves Within film, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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