Anthem 2.0 Update Gameplay Changes Revealed By BioWare

BioWare is an incredibly capable developer when it comes to single-player games, but when it comes to multiplayer titles like Anthem, the formula becomes much more difficult to pin down….

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Anthem Next: Loot And Weapon Changes Detailed By BioWare

Anthem Next: Loot And Weapon Changes Detailed By BioWare

While a significant portion of BioWare is laser focused on the development of Dragon Age 4, plenty of the studio’s members are equally as committed to the continued work on…

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BioWare Store

BioWare Store Returns With New Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Anthem Merch

Several developers in the world of gaming have become fan-favorites, but one of the most notorious hit-making developers of recent years has been BioWare. The beloved house behind such hit…

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Anthem 2.0

Anthem 2.0 Won’t Release For A While, Says Studio Director

It’s become very clear that Anthem was not the success BioWare for was hoping for when it launched back in 2019. Though the multiplayer title offered no shortage of potential…

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BioWare Job Listing

BioWare Job Listing Hints At New Game From A “Most Prestigious” Franchise

With a new video game console generation on the horizon, gamers everywhere are hoping for the return of their favorite game franchises on the new hardware. One such franchise that…

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Anthem Anniversary Update Adds New Login Rewards, Challenges – Patch Notes

Anthem Anniversary Update Adds New Login Rewards, Challenges

As indicated earlier this month, Anthem is at a bit of a crossroads in its life cycle, with BioWare acknowledging the game’s lacking state and promising a full game rework…

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BioWare Confirms Complete Anthem Rework

BioWare Confirms Complete Anthem Rework On The Horizon

It’s coming up on a year since BioWare officially launched its ambitious multiplayer RPG Anthem, and while the live-service title had its fans in the beginning (including DFTG), the game…

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Anthem Icetide Update

Anthem Icetide Update Adds Snowy Challenges And Cosmetics

It has been no secret that BioWare’s Anthem has had one of the more rocky starts in gaming. Plagued with in-game issues and a playerbase that was exactly thrilled, the…

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Anthem Dev Responds To PS4 Shutdown Issues

BioWare Reportedly Working On Major Overhaul to Anthem, Not Abandoned

Ever since Anthem’s less than impressive launch, BioWare’s live-service effort hasn’t exactly taken off, with solid flying mechanics and an interesting world failing to make a difference against underwhelming post-launch…

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athem icetide

Anthem Icetide Event Now Available On Public Test Server

Following the wrap-up of the Season of Skulls event, another update is on the way to BioWare’s Anthem and it’s available now on their public test server. Revealing a sneak…

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